Concerts & Vacation!

Hello Everyone – Welcome to my FIRST ever blog post!

A lot of people ask what I do for fun when I am not working or going to school 24/7 and the truth is I LOVE to go to concerts and travel anywhere I can.

In 2016 alone, I went to over 8 concerts. Concerts in small venues like House of Blues all the way to concerts at the TD Garden. I saw people like Kanye West, Jay Z, J Cole, Drake, Young Thug, Travis Scott, A Boogie Wit the Hoodie and so many more.  I like to travel but between work, school and concerts I realized I didn’t have enough time. So i came up with this insane idea of combing the two and WOW it was brilliant.

You got that right, I was that insane person who paid $475 to go to Coachella. In fact I already bought my tickets for next year that is how amazing it was. It was my first time flying and my first time going to California. Coachella is only 3 days long but i went 4 days earlier to get the full Cali experience. We did everything from going to the Santa Monica Pierre, to In & Out and the typical Celebrity House Tour.

Here is a clip of Coachella and what its all about. Click Here.

I not only go to listen to the amazing artists but to see and meet new people and just live life. I already have planned for next year that for Coachella 2018 I want to go to Vegas but its the BIG 2 1 for me! I also just last month when to New York/Philly for a festival and was able to even meet one The Migos! Here are some pictures of my Cali trip. Its one place I cant wait to go back too!

IF you don’t believe my story of how amazing the experience was with the food, atmosphere, and weather, then check out this amazing site that explains why YOU should go to Coachella next year and not just because Queen Bey will be there. What are you waiting for? I’ll see you there!


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