Case Study #3: Blog Analysis


Travel with Nano B. (  is a travel, food, and lifestyle blog written by Nano. Travel with Nano B was launched in 2015, and averages more than 150,000 annual views, with the majority of her audience being in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom. Nano, a 32 year old woman living in Tokyo, is a freelance writer, photographer, and photo consultant, while also working full time. Nano also sometimes contribute to the travel column on the Huffington Post, as well as a few other Japanese blogs.


The layout of the blog is very simple, which makes navigating very easy. The homepage is black with gray lettering, which makes the picture heavy home page pop with the variety of colors.The photography used is outstanding, as the author takes her own pictures. Food, flowers, and tons of different travel pictures make up most of the home page. There is also a disclaimer on her website saying: “I strive to provide only truthful reviews. Unless specifically stated, none of the posts are sponsored or solicited. All opinions, texts and pictures are my own and are provided for informational purposes only. I will not be liable for any errors or damages by making use of this information. Should you want to use any content, please ask for permission first and give credit if permission is granted. © Travel With Nano B. 2017”, which shows she really cares, and enjoys what she writes, and what she does.

There are seven headings at the top, which break down into subheadings. The headings are: “Home”, “About Me”, “Destinations”, “Luxury Dining”, “Lifestyle”, “Contact/Work with Me”, and “My Travel & Photography Service”. You can either click on the heading itself, and it brings you to the main page for the heading, or you can highlight over the heading, and a drop down menu will come up with other subheadings. Each post itself is presented so well. A big title with a nice title picture, a long with multiple well written paragraphs and a ton of spectacular photography.

The author, Nano B, has three social media accounts connected on the bottom of the page; a twitter account, a facebook account, and an instagram account. Also, on the top of the home page, there are quick links for Nano’s twitter, instagram, facebook, pintrest, and tumblr, as well as a search bar which makes navigating that much faster, if you are searching for something specific.

The “about me” page is very in depth about her life. From the beginning, up until now, going over a lot of different details. It gives a good base on who Nano is as a person, and why she does, what she does. She was born in Georgia, no not the state, the country, which is located along the black sea. She talks about her interests, her husband, among with other things.


The content on this blog, is one of the best I’ve seen. All posts grab your attention on the home page, with a nice title, and a fantastic picture. The pictures used look professionally taken, and the best thing is they are taken by Nano herself. When you select a specific blog, they have multiple individuals images, along with the featured image used for the heading. Each page also gives you direct access to share the page/post on either twitter, facebook, or pintrest and also give you the opportunity to email or print out.

Under the heading “My Travel & Photography Service”, Nano offers her travel and photography services for a price. She offers a “Japan Travel Consultation Package” where she goes over and answers any question you have about your trip to Japan, for a $50 fee. She offers a “Bespoke Japan Itinerary Package” where she will plan your entire trip to Japan for you, for a price of $30 per day planned. The last package she offers is the “Tokyo & Kamakura Private Guided Tour” where she will take you around on a tour of up to six hours long, fully customized for your interests, and also ten copies of professional photos, taken by Nano herself, for a price of $350, with a $50 non refundable deposit.


This blog does everything well. There really isn’t anything I would improve, and it is clear as it is working for nano. With 150,000 annual page views, 1,400 likes on facebook, 18,300 followers on instagram, and 1,500 followers on twitter, this blog is clearly doing very well. The more Nano can travel to different places, the more content she would be able to post, making more people visit her page and expand her audience.


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