Battle Driven


Battle Driven – David Kim

A blog mainly focusing on the photography of race cars in California.

You can visit the blog here.

Another blog similar to my introductory post but more centered around Southern California rather than international coverage. David doesn’t cover car shows instead he is the media photographer of Vtec Club in California. I came across this blog when I asked my boyfriend what blogs he frequents the most this being the second one. This blog is about David’s ventures and coverage of  race events that Vtec Club hosts. He captures the cars and the people at each event.


The layout of the blog is very minimal, it just says “Blog” at the top followed by posts. His header is at the bottom followed by his drop-down menus where he sells his pictures in prints to those that would like to purchase. In his “About Me” there isn’t anything just “About Me coming soon”. He does have his social media and contact information available for anyone who is interested in. Pressing “Home” takes you to a front page where he showcases a slideshow of his work.

David’s blog isn’t very popular when it comes to interactions being that his fan base is comprised of people attending the events. An already small group of people in comparison to car enthusiasts as a whole. There are only a few likes and comments here and there but his content is nearly endless. Hundreds of pictures of each car racing up the track, in corners, and overall fascinating coverage of all the cars attending the event. All images are his own and are watermarked with his own logo. One of his more popular posts which had a good amount of comments from owners of the cars respectively, was “FIT to Race” oriented around the small economy car Honda made, the Honda FIT, when modified properly can be a fun nimble car on the track despite the lack in power. You can find that post here. David isn’t one to push people to subscribe, I think he posts his work up for those who attend events and want professional photos of their cars. He enjoys taking pictures and showcasing each car respectively. He even encourages people to download the pictures whichever their favorites are.

Audience participation although already addressed is quite minimal. The age of the blog is very young, about a year old. Within that time David has posted over hundreds of photos covering  multiple events. One of his more popular posts which was “FIT to Race”  received 2 likes and 3 comments. Although the response from readers aren’t high  I’m pretty sure the amount of visits the blog gets is high in number. The titles of the blog posts aren’t traditionally compelling, but from a car enthusiast standpoint “Super Lap Battle 2016” is compelling enough, seeing the coverage of that event is always great.

As always there is always something to improve. I think David could make navigation the site and going through previous blog posts easier. When visiting the blog page it only shows the 9 most recent posts and if you want to see older ones you have to click on the oldest post on the page and go back one by one at the bottom of the post. Personally, his content makes up for it. He provides download links to full resolution quality of each picture from the posts.


I think David’s blog is great with high quality content. He doesn’t really type much he really lets thee pictures do the talking, After all a picture is worth a thousand words. He can improve on the navigation I think someone visiting for thee first time would only think he has 9 posts. Albeit it took me a while to figure how to see the older posts they didn’t lack in quality. I think he could describe the day and talk about each car individually and how they performed for that event it would be nice. Giving more insight to how the cars perform rather than just seeing stills of each car. It is nice to look at, but it would be nicer to know if a specific car had a podium finish or if a car had some troubles during the day but still came out with a good lap time. His Instagram entails most of his words, he posts some of his favorite stills and talks about them on there. I think David’s blog is doing very well for being only a year old, and his content just keeps getting better and better. Although he can do something a little better they’re more technical than relating to the quality of his posts. David has done a great job in covering each Vtec Club event even some non Vtec Club events.

Here are some of his pictures.



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