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Ayesha Curry: Where Pure + Premi-Yum Live. (http://www.ayeshacurry.com) is a website/Blog written by Ayesha Curry herself. This blog is written to provide tips, videos and blogs about cooking, family & more. Ayesha Curry is a Mother of two, Wife of NBA player Steph Curry, author of her cook book “The Seasoned Life”, chef & all around loving person started this blog in 2017 after launching her cookbook. She wanted a way to be able to use this blog to interact with her fans and share all her secret recipes.

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The layout to Ayesha Curry’s: Where Pure + Premi-Yum Live blog is pretty straight foreword. It’s not like the typical blog with a header and tons of works describing what is going on. instead it is very easy going. It’s got a picture of her and a link to all her social media accounts to help you “stay up to date”. It’s got tabs at the top that you can do things like watch videos of her cooking and videos of her family, recipes, all the way to bring about to purchase her cook book and cooking ware.

The blog has soft and creamy colors that makes it easy to read and stay focused while also in a way, making you a little hungry. Haha I know how crazy that sounds but I cant help it! When you slide down you can see a quotes from her.

With motherhood as my muse and faith by my side, those moments of family together time in the kitchen is where my balance begins, where we can all just be.

A video plays instantly in the background of her cutting up vegetables and gets you to want to watch the whole thing. The farther down you go you get more personal with her cook book, her up to date on her family life, her organization she is starting and even being able to subscribe and follow her. She keeps the website so simple with the top/Header of the blog matching exactly with the bottom/Footer.



The the Watch tab of Ayesha’s blog it is a link to her YouTube channel. Here is where you can find tons of videos that give you a little look into her life and what makes her happy. Here are 3 examples of different videos she has.

  1. Little Light of Mine Channel– This is where she posts or food recipes and cooking videos of foods from her cook book and also recipes from your everyday food that can be turned into a full course meal.
  2. Live Q&A: Ayesha likes to get personal with her fans. Every so often she likes to go live and answer any questions her fans may ask from her food recipes, her family and tips about everyday life.
  3. Fitness: Along with eating right comes being able to stay in shape to balance her busy life and schedule. She is just like every typical mother who has a lot on her plate and it is hard to stay in shape. but she teaches you little things that you can do to stay in shape even if you only like out 20 minutes each day.


Under the Taste section she has all these videos for just about everything you can thing of.

  • Videos of easy to make recipes.
  • Food Decorations for the Holidays
  • Food Giveaways
  • Special Recipes
  • Why She Gives back
  • Diy Face masks and more


The Read section to the blog is what I believe to be the biggest part of the blog. I think this because she uses this section to write her reviews of different ideas that she or others have come up with. She also tries new products and gives her reviews on them as well. In this part you are able to share your own thoughts and comments. She even allows you to share your recipes and she chooses one every so often to actually make and do a review on it. I think it is a cool way for people to interact with her and feel like its more than just a blog and shes just like the rest of us.

She does tend to like to promote her page and get people to like and subscribe and follow her on her other social media posts where she posts more often. Also things like subscribing to her youtube channel where her videos get put on first and she does live Q&A from questions that people ask her on Twitter and other sites.


I think as a beginner to the whole blogging world I Think Ayesha Curry is doing an amazing job. She is able to post tons of videos and recipes and give an inside to her life. She is very interactive with her fans and makes people feel apart of her life and that they can eat a good meal for a low budget.

What I think she lacks is that I feel everything is in  video form. When she does write on the blog it is very small and straight forward. She is more of a video blogger. I also wish for videos she would post videos of other people doing her recipes and their reviews on them. Overall I love to watch her videos because she has grown through time and you can tell in her videos.




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