Introductory Blog Post

Hello, I am going to talk about something that interests me a lot. Not so much interests me but my boyfriend is deeply into cars and racing them and I’m trying to look at it from his eyes. Trying to see what fascinates him so much about cars. He loves cars with a passion and he tells me that it started as early as 12 years old. He wants to race at race tracks one day and he almost religiously reads blogs and watches Youtube videos of people recording their track days. One person that he watches the most is Joey Lee of The Chronicles otherwise known as “stickydiljoe” on most social media platforms. I’ve looked at his content and his videography and photography are impeccable and his writing is detailed and thorough. You can check out his blog here. He writes about his adventures with his friends and his job as a freelance writer as well as a writer for a magazine about cars. I’ve seen him read blogs about cars for hours and he hates reading! He reads books online or excerpts from books about aerodynamics and downforce to understanding EFI** open source tuning. He attends events ranging from car club track days to exclusive coverage for some of the most prominent car shows! He is currently in Australia for World Time Attack Challenge and my boyfriend is getting antsy waiting for coverage and vlogs to be posted. He also is an avid photographer pictured below is one of the shots he took back in 2015 of his friend Yuta Akaishi lining up at the grid for Super Lap Battle.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The picture featured above is of the Spoon Sports Civic Type R (FD2)*. I’ve noticed my boyfriends eyes widen when he first caught a glimpse of it. He is in awe at the engineering behind the vehicle. Pushing over 500 horsepower the Spoon Sports Type R posted a shattering record for the FWD Unlimited class at Streets of Willow with 1:45.585. Joey makes vlogs of his adventures you can find those here. After looking into why my boyfriend is in love with cars so much I can understand vaguely why but still am in shock when I see him go wild over a car that just drove by. He insists on just staring at it until he’s content.


*FD2 is the chassis code for the vehicle

**EFI stands for Electronic Fuel Injection


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