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Expert Vagabond is a blog about a man named Matthew Karsten, and his travels all over the world, over the past seven years. Matt is a travel blogger and photographer that began his travels in 2010 to 2017. Inspiration to travel, useful traveling tips, and funny stories, are what his blog is filled with.

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The layout of the website Expert Vagabond is easy to navigate through, and very informational. The header features a cartoon picture of Matt with his backpack towards the left of the site. In the header there are different sections: Blog, About, Best Of, Destinations+, Travel Resources, Contact+, and a search bar. As you scroll down connections to his social media accounts are listed for readers to follow. Matt has widgets to RSS feed, twitter, Facebook, google+, YouTube, and Instagram pages.

Below the header, a picture of Matt hiking the arctic trail is displayed along with the words, “Explore the World with Me.” There, a mini introduction where he states his name and what you can learn from his blog is stated, with a link to enter the “Best of” column of the site. In big bold letters National Geography, lonely planet, travel channel, Mashable, and Go Pro are all listed. Researching why I found out that he has been featured or mentioned on some of these sites for traveling.

Scrolling further down the home page there are four sections, starting with popular posts. Here, three popular blog post are listed, with interesting pictures to catch the reader’s eye. Clicking on the pictures or the title of the blog underneath each picture, will direct you to the blog of interest to read further. To catch the reader’s eye further, under each photo there is also a sentence about what the blog is about. An example is listed below:

“The crazy story of receiving my very first tattoo in Thailand, and not even knowing what it would be!”

The next two section are just like the first above, but are called Adventure Travel and Useful Travel Tips. The fourth section is called latest blog post, and like the rest there are three pictures below the section title with the article name. The difference is the reader can see how many comments each blog has received and there is a two-sentence explanation for the blogs. Lastly, a read more hyperlink is listed under the three blog post, that gives direct access to the blog of interest.

Coming to the end of the home page there’s an orange link that says “READ MORE ON THE BLOG,” this link redirect the reader to all recent blog post. Below the orange sign there are eight photos of beautiful pictures Matt has taken, and in the middle there is a hyperlink that states follow me on Instagram. The websites footer, is displayed in the color black; it has a small menu option to the right, and to the left copyright information is listed.


Traveling is the main focus for Matt’s blog; to let users experience traveling the world through his eyes, with hopes it would inspire others to do so as well. One of his most recent post that sparked attention from his readers was called Why I Quit Being A Digital Nomad (And Moved Back To The US). This article is about some life changes that Matt has made, and how it will affect him traveling 365 days in the year. The blog discusses some of the downsides to constantly traveling, examples including: no consistent home, loneliness, and missing friends/family. He also explains how he married a woman with the same passion to travel and is going to be traveling at least six months out of the year.

Matt has a good follower base on all social media platforms; for the blog post above 106 readers commented, leaving positive feedback on his blog website. Looking further into this blog post, I checked his Facebook account, which also had the blog advertised. There it had 555 likes, over 871 shares, and about 90 comments. All of Matt’s blogs include pictures, but some have videos as well. Creating a title for anything can be difficult, but not for this blogger below are some blogs posted that I read simply because of the title.

Welcome to my travel blog! This is where I share entertaining stories, useful travel tips, fun videos, inspiring photography, and crazy adventures with you from my travels around the world.” Underneath the name introduction, Matt begins his about me section with the sentence above and it fits the description perfectly about his posts. When a reader is entertained and enjoys what their reading it leaves them wanting to read more. Matt is not a dull blogger, and a few of his blog stories left me laughing, which is never a bad thing for any reader. He catches the reader’s attention in many ways, by using laughter, pictures and even videos to keep the reader connected. Below is a video of an adventure of Matt in Spain:

CAMINITO DEL REY – Dangerous Hike in Spain

The website, expert vagabond does not only have blogs it also has a list of places the blogger has been in the world and there are promotions to work with his team. This is mainly for companies that want him to promote for their businesses and more information can be found out by emailing him. Matt keeps readers updated with where he currently is located (California), books he is currently reading, and even shows readers how to start their own blog. There are statistics of people who visit his sites, and he has a pretty big follower base. Matt also offers best traveling tips to perspective travelers, see below:

My 30 Best Travel Tips After 7 Years Traveling The World

Expert Vagabond: Contact+
Expert Vagabond: Facebook & YouTube

Above are examples of how Matt’s followers are involved with him as a whole. They share his work, comment and watch his videos and actively follow the blogger through either his blog site or one of his social media pages.

It is always hard to communicate with all followers that email you especially when you follower base is large. Matt does have his email posted to his website for readers that have questions and suggest readers to read his about me section where some questions are answered. As most bloggers do Matt recommends readers to subscribe to his blog and at the end of each blog there are links to share on Facebook, tweet, or pin the blogs of interest.


This blog is very informative and has the reader wanting to continue to read the post. He catches readers attention by taking remarkable pictures of what can be seen out there in this world and keeps it entertaining. When his laptop was stolen he showed users how to track it down, in a funny way. Matt is a writer, that is able to turn a serious stressful situation into one that will have the audience entertained and laughing.

Overall my experience on Expert Vagabond has been very informative. There were plenty of laughs and I even started a little buckets list of places I would like to visit. I honestly think this is a great blog and I wouldn’t change a thing.


Expert Vagabond-Iceland Photography: The Land Of Fire & Ice

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