Charles Bargue: An Inspiration For All Artist

Art is a great way to let out some steam, or even to test your artistic abilities. This is what I did when first introduced to Charles Bargue; a French 18th century artist, who created a drawing course that focused on how to draw the human body with precision. Bargue and his partner Jean-Léon Gérôme, his former teacher, worked together to create “Charles Bargue Drawing Course.” This course turned out to be an inspiration for all artist and is still used as a teaching technique in colleges today.

The teachings from this course are known all over the world and have influenced artist like Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. More information regarding Bargue’s teaching can be found in this article: In the Days When Artists Were Taught How to Draw.


The picture above is a drawing I created in the summer of 2016. A friend introduced me to the artist Charles Bargue and there we both drew some of his pieces. This is not the final product for this drawing and it’s nowhere close to perfection, but it was a great challenging experience. The drawing completed by me is to the left of the picture above and Bargue’s piece is on the right. While drawing this piece I was faced with multiple difficulties, from shading, to proportions and having to use charcoal. Shading can be difficult especially when it comes to making a piece look realistic and charcoal is a very messy material that gets every-where, which didn’t make it any easier. My final piece didn’t come out the way I would have wanted it too, but I learned a lot from my mistakes for my next Bargue piece.

Bargue drawings are not simple, easy to do, and are time-consuming, but the ending result is worth it. A video about Bargue drawings from an Art student’s perspective can be found here:


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