Vacationing in the Caribbean

Hello everyone! My name is Matt and this is my first blog post. I decided my first post will be about something I enjoy the most. Between working full time and taking classes at Middlesex Community College, I look forward to taking a vacation every year.


One of the things I enjoy the most is taking a vacation every year. For the past two years, I have been working full time while taking classes at Middlesex Community College. My ultimate vacation is relaxing is the Caribbean. My girlfriend and I plan on taking a vacation in the spring. We originally decided to go to St. Croix but unfortunately that island was severely damaged during the hurricane season. Since St. Croix was damaged, we are looking into Aruba. Several of my friends and coworkers have vacationed there and described it as a tropical paradise. A few of my coworkers vacation there every year because it is a beautiful place to visit.

One hotel that seems like a nice place to stay is the Marriott.  I have heard that this hotel is great place to stay and it is also near popular bars and restaurants. I do not need to do anything fancy on vacation. I prefer relaxing at the beach and pool, eating good food, and do an excursion or two. A coworker of mine has stayed at this hotel and had nothing but positive things to say about it. By the end of this semester, I should have hopefully completed my Associate’s Degree, so a vacation to Aruba will be a nice reward.

Several years ago I got a taste of the Caribbean ocean by visiting Bermuda. The beaches in Aruba seem jaw dropping. Although I have been slowly losing motivation to study and complete assignments, picturing myself on the beach in Aruba will hopefully get me through the rest of this semester.


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