Case Study #3 Blog Analysis


The Caribbean Travel Blog

( is a blog dedicated to people who love the Caribbean. A couple from Australia (Michael & Nicole) have been traveling the Caribbean since 2012. The couple writes about top Caribbean Islands, along with several tips and guides to decide where to go and what activities to do.


The general layout The Caribbean Travel Blog is a two column blog with a header. Although there is no footer, any other links you may need are located in the right column. The layout of the page is white but there is a picture associate with each blog. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the pictures due the the Caribbean blue colors. The header is basic: the name of the blog is written in a large font (when you click on the title, it will bring you to the home page). Just below the title, there is a menu with several links including the home page, blog, contact us, our story, and a photo gallery.

Under the menu, there is a box with the four most recent blogs. Under the four most recent blogs, the page is divided into two columns. The left column is larger since it contains the most recent blogs. Each blog contains a picture, a sentence or two with a brief explanation of the blog, and the date it was posted. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can click on the link to load older posts. The title of each post is written in bold. When you click on the title, it will bring you to the entire blog. Since Michael and Nicole both write blogs, each blog tells you who wrote it. At the bottom of each blog, there is a comments section which allows the reader to post and view other comments.

At the top of the right column, there is a link to their Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest accounts. Beneath these links is an “about us” section which included a picture and a brief introduction of the couple. Beneath the introduction is a section to sign up for their newsletter. After you scroll past the newsletter signup there is a section with the popular posts. The last section in the right column is a categories tab which will bring you to various islands and activities.


The most recent blogs are Top five wedding destinations in the Caribbean, The Stunning Mexican Caribbean, Eight Warm Winter Escapes in the Caribbean, and Finding the Caribbean Island For You. The popular blog posts are The Smallest Islands of the Caribbean, The Safest Caribbean Islands to Visit During Hurricane Season, and Best Places to Scuba Dive in the Caribbean. Each blog contains several pictures of the Caribbean. The longer you look at each picture, the more you want to travel to the Caribbean. Although there are plenty of pictures there are no videos. Each picture looks professionally taken. None of the pictures look like they were taken from a smart phone. At the end of each blog, there is a photo credit tab with links to where they got the pictures from.

Each blog contains pictures and information pertaining to the title. As an example the “Five Top Islands of the Bahamas” blog has a picture of each island and a paragraph explaining the islands authenticity. Each island explained on the blog is geared toward what people look for in a Caribbean vacation. The title to each blog is written in bold which draws the viewers attention. Along with the title, there is a picture which will make the viewer want to click on the blog to read more. Each blog is geared to help people plan the perfect vacation.

Since the Australian couple both write blogs, they dedicated a page to tell the viewer about their story. The couple explains how the fell in love with the Caribbean and what inspired them to create a blog. Since the couple love traveling the Caribbean they created a blog to share stories, photographs and guides to plan the perfect vacation.

There is not much of an audience in this blog. Some of the popular blogs only have about ten comments. Their Facebook page has 1,223 likes and 1,193 followers. The couple is more active on their Twitter account as they have 18.4K tweets and 9,406 followers. There is no way to subscribe to their blog, you can only signup for their newsletter.


The blog does a great job with attracting the reader and making the reader want to click on each individual blog. There are very helpful blogs to help people decide which Caribbean island is perfect for them. Since there are so many places to travel in the Caribbean, this blog is helpful to decide where you want to go. Each picture posted in the blog is absolutely beautiful. The picture associated with each blog attracts the viewers attention to click on the individual blog. Another helpful section of the blog is the categories tab. If you want to view a certain Island or activity, click on the categories tab to quickly view what you are looking for.

There are two things that could be improved in the blog. The first thing that can be improved is adding videos. The Caribbean is a beautiful place and if there were some videos to go along with the blog, the blog would be even more appealing. The second thing I would improve is adding a search tab at the top of the page. Although there is a categories tab at the bottom of the page to narrow your search, a search tab will be helpful to the viewer.


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