Working for a growing brand!

Hi, I’m Tony and this is my first blog post about the awesome company that I work for!

Where Do I Work?

I work for a mens clothing company called Bonobos, and yes, named after the chimpanzee!


Bonobos started out as an e-commerce brand, created by two college students who were on a mission to find better fitting pants. As athletes they could never find pants that could fit their big thighs, but not be baggy around the ankle. So, one day, one of our founders decided that he was going to take a pair of pants, pull them apart and remake them in a way that would fit better. He soon realized that these were some of the best pants he had ever had, so he and his friend decided they would start selling them to guys on campus, sparking the beginning of Bonobos. There is a lot more to the background of the company that you can find here.

So, we face the question, if it’s an e-commerce brand, then how and why do I work at a physical store locations? When the company started selling online, their business exploded! People loved the fit, they loved the product, and they loved the company! However, the one thing they didn’t like is that they couldn’t physically try it on before they bought. So, to combat this challenge Bonobos opened a few fitting rooms at their headquarters to let people come in and try the product and find their perfect fit. People flooded to the headquarters and Bonobos knew they were on to something! Then, four years after starting, they decided to open their first Guideshop, located right here in Boston! To learn more about the Guideshop concept and the experience there, check out this video! In my next post at tell you more about the brand and how that cute chimpanzee inspired us!


One thought on “Working for a growing brand!

  1. My boyfriend has this problem every time we go shopping for jeans! Glad someone has created an athletic fit that doesn’t fit the standard “athletic fit.” If you know what I mean… lol


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