Too Faced

Introduction to Your Company/Celebrity

Too Faced Cosmetics was founded by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, who wanted to bring back glamour and femininity in a brand that would stand out among the other, what they thought, cosmetic brands that were too serious and dark * With inspiration drawn from all things girly, Paris, and the “transformative power of cosmetics,” Blandino and Johnson created the brand “Too Faced Cosmetics,” formulating ground-breaking, cruelty-free makeup products for people to wear. The branding of Too Faced Cosmetics is the image of fun, girliness, and shining bright as a person wearing Too Faced products. Too Faced Cosmetics’ mission is to be “pink, pretty and feminine with a playful wink” (, as well as to show people how to create looks, how to be confident to try new things, and encourage them to “own their pretty” ( The values that Too Faced tries to convey to their customers/fans is the makeup is the power that give people the ability to express themselves and have the confidence “to take over the world,” and that makeup is a mood booster and major ally, not just “a little color on your face” (

Social Media Presence Overview

The social media platforms used by Too Faced Cosmetics are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Analysis and Evaluation

Too Faced Cosmetics’ Instagram account has 9.1 million followers. The brand posts photos and videos. Too Faced Cosmetics is frequent in posting on Instagram – the brand posts everyday, sometimes even posting more than one photo or video on a given day. However, Too Faced Cosmetics does not interact with their customers/fans often on Instagram, as the brand does not write back to users’ comments often. Once in a while if Too Faced Cosmetics is tagged in a question written by a user, the brand will reply with an answer, but that seems to be the height of Too Faced Cosmetics’ interaction with users on Instagram.

Too Faced Cosmetics’ Twitter account has 559k followers. The brand posts mostly photos, with an occasional video once in a while. Too Faced Cosmetics is not as frequent in posting on Twitter – the brand posts on Twitter either a few days in a row, or every other couple of days.

Too Faced Twitter.JPGToo Faced Instagram.JPGToo Faced Facebook.JPG


Too Faced Cosmetics’ Facebook page is liked by 2,482,866 people, and the page has 2,470,607 followers. The brand posts photos and videos. The frequency of Too Faced Cosmetics’ posting on Facebook is that the brand will post a few days in a row, or every couple of days. Sometimes, Too Faced Cosmetics posts more than once on a given day.

As a whole, Too Faced Cosmetics’ social media usage is meant to promote and expand the brand to fans and followers everyone online. Too Faced Cosmetics uses social media to display their products, show people through photos and videos how amazing the makeup is, and get fans and followers to be excited about current and upcoming items.

Too Faced Cosmetics’ digital footprint is quite expansive. A basic Google search reveals Too Faced’s Twitter account, Too Faced Cosmetics’ founders’ Twitter account, Too Faced Cosmetics’ Facebook page, Too Faced’s Instagram page, articles about Too Faced Cosmetics controversies, Too Faced’s website and blog, Too Faced Cosmetics’ eye lift hack YouTube tutorial, and top Too Faced hashtags. Though Too Faced Cosmetics is highly acclaimed as a brand, it has run into controversy. For example, Too Faced Cosmetics got into a feud with a makeup artist, Jeffree Star. When Too Faced Cosmetics started promoting their “Unicorn Tears” lipsticks, Jeffree Star posted on social media that Too Faced Cosmetics had essentially stolen the idea from another makeup brand, Tarte, which had already launched their own unicorn-inspired products before Too Faced Cosmetics introduced their unicorn products ( Jeffree Star also brought light to yet another issue that would cause controversy for Too Faced Cosmetics. A YouTube beauty guru, Nikkie of the channel NikkieTutorials, created a makeup palette, “Power of Makeup,” in collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics ( On Twitter, Jeffree Star voiced that Too Faced underpaid Nikkie, as Nikkie was paid just $50,000 while Too Faced Cosmetics had made over $9 million from the palette. As far as I could tell in my research, Too Faced Cosmetics did not release a public response to either of these controversies called out by Jeffree Star. I think that while it is a good thing that Too Faced Cosmetics did not worsen the situation by “airing out” comebacks, I do think that the brand should have released some form of a neutral public statement. I think by keeping too quiet, Too Faced Cosmetics could have made the situation worse for itself, because when nothing at all is said, it can look bad or questionable in the public eye.

Commendations and Recommendations

Too Faced is indeed making the most of their social media presence, as the brand overall posts quite often on their platforms. The image that Too Faced’s overall social media presence presents to its’ audience is an eye-popping colorful, sassy, fun, and bubbly image, and the brand is doing a good job at maintaining that image, always adding new and cool visuals. I think that Too Faced Cosmetics is doing an excellent job overall at keeping their sites updated, always providing new and fresh content to engage and excite online fans everywhere. Regarding their social media use, Too Faced could improve on interacting with followers more, such as replying or just conversing with users more often. Also, while Too Faced Cosmetics does a good job in posting frequently, I do think that the brand could improve on posting every single day. I think when a couple of days go by without a new post, there is a risk of losing followers’ interests, so even just one post a day would ensure that followers stay engaged. Too Faced’s digital footprint also shows room for improvement. Their digital footprint reveals that while Too Faced is incredibly popular and very well-known and recognized, Too Faced is also a company that has run into conflict, and therefore possibly gives the company a not-so-good reputation to some people.




All images of Too Faced Cosmetics’ social media accounts are computer screenshots I took of Too Faced Cosmetics’ Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts on my laptop


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