I decided to do my final project on Kylie Jenner. When I first started this class and read about the final project, I instantly knew I was going to choose her. Not only is she a celebrity but, she is only 20 years old with a very successful business named “Kylie Cosmetics”. Kylie Jenner has been on reality TV almost all of her life. Kylie and her family became well known from their show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” which first aired in 2007 and since then Kylie has wanted to make a name for herself and that she has done. Not only is her cosmetic line extremely successful but, she now has her own reality television show coming out this month called “Life of Kylie”. She also shares a clothing line with her sister Kendall and together they also have an online game in the app store called “Kendall and Kylie”. For my final project, I’m mainly going to focus on “Kylie Cosmetics” because as of now that is what Kylie is most successful for and promotes the most.


Kylie released her cosmetics line in June of 2016. She first started by selling “lip kits” which was a boxed package of one matte lip gloss and a lip liner for $29.00. She had a small selection of colors at first in which was always sold out within minutes of being released on her website. Fast forward a year and Kylie Cosmetics now offers a range of different colored lip glosses and different style finishes. You can get a matte lip gloss, a velvet lip gloss, or a glossy lip gloss. Along with the lip glosses, Kylie also sells eye shadows, blushes, highlighters and eye liners. Every time Kylie releases new colors – still sold out within minutes – along with the colors that are most popular that are re-released.

FullSizeRender 117

(This is a picture Kylie posted on her snap chat story today, August 1st, of all the people accessing her website to purchase the Birthday Collection)

Kylies branding of “Kylie Cosmetics” varies for each product but one thing that stays the same is “KYLIE” in all capitals on each of the boxes the products are packaged in. The lip glosses always have a pair of lips on the box and dripping off the lips is the color of the lip gloss you’ve purchased. The eye shadow packages have a set of eyes on the packaging usually in black and white with one eye winking but, I noticed that her most popular eye shadow “The Peach Palette” has a colored set of eyes with both of them wide open. The blushes and the “Kylighters” have the same dripping effect on them as the lip glosses do, in the color of the blush/highlighter you’d be getting. I think Kylie has always had the edgier personality in her family and I believe that’s the message she is trying to convey with her dripping effect.

Social Media Presence & Analysis:

Kylie Cosmetics has its own Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All social media profiles are very active. Each one posts pictures, links, and launch dates of new products that are being released and old products that will be re-released.

Kylie Cosmetics Instagram is the most followed of all the social media accounts with 14 million followers. In the bio is a release date of her new Birthday Collection which says releases on August 1st (TONIGHT, if anyone is interested!) at 3pm PST. There is also a link to the website you can purchase all of Kylie’s products at which you can access HERE.The most recent postings of the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram all have to do with the Birthday Collection which I stated above. Almost every post is pink – ranging from lip gloss colors to the packaging Kylie decided to use for this collection. I noticed that for this specific collection, the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram started advertising its products and release date only two weeks ago! They began with releasing just one picture on July 20th with a caption that says “SURPRISE 😛 4 days till the reveal… #KylieTurns20 #Countdown”. The picture is a little snippet of the box the collection will be packaged in with a 20 drawn out in pink glitter. Since then little by little, they advertise more of the collection each day.

Facebook is Kylie Cosmetics second most followed social media account with 3,625,060 followers and 3,624,636 likes. The Facebook page has the signature lips with pink dripping lip gloss as the profile picture. For the header of the page there is a picture of part of her Birthday Collection – a pink bag with white dripping lips on it with lip glosses, eye shadows, and make up brushes inside. In the “About” section of the Facebook, there is an e-mail address for customer service questions and there is also a link to the Kylie Cosmetics website. In my evaluation, I noticed that the most recent post on the account was a video posted today with a caption that reads “Kylie Questions”. I was intrigued to know what questions she would be answering so I decided to give the video a watch. It was a minute long video answering 2 fan questions about no other but the Kylie Birthday Collection. One of the questions in the video Kylie answered was what her inspiration for the collection was. She tells her fans that her inspiration was “a lot of pink!” Kylie states she wanted this collection to be “super girly and very fun”. The rest of the Kylie Cosmetics Facebook shares the same pictures as the Instagram account does, however, it gives the readers more visible information about what the collection will include and also some pricing.

The Twitter account may be the least followed of the social media accounts but that’s not saying too much as the account still has a high count of 569.4K followers. The header of the Twitter page has a pink background with the words “I WANT IT ALL” written in big white/sparkly writing and in smaller writing above and below the “I want it all” reads “THE BIRTHDAY COLLECTION” “LAUNCHING 8.1 AT 3PM PST”. The profile picture on the account is the same as Facebook – Kylie’s signature lips with pink dripping lip gloss. The Twitter account only follows one person – who better than Kylie Jenner’s herself. Along with Facebook and Instagram, the Kylie Cosmetics twitter account right now is all about the Birthday Collection. On the Twitter are the same posts the Facebook account has but with shorter descriptions as twitter only allows a small word count. There are many pictures and videos – each one with over 1,000 likes but as far as retweets, I noticed there are never typically more than 600. For my analysis, dug all the way back to the beginning of this year and found that her most re-tweeted post was a video from 6 days ago – which is just a little snippet of the packaging of her Birthday Collection. I also noticed that the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter has re-tweeted fans/customers and responded back to them also.

IMG_3354 3

As a whole, Kylie Cosmetics uses social media extremely well. As we all know, social media is a huge part of putting yourself and your business out there. All 3 of her social media profiles have the same branding and show case the products she is selling whether it be a new release of a product or a re-release. Kylie’s digital footprint is huge but, I believe that is because she already had a huge fan base to begin with and she also has a huge family which helps promote her products as well. Kylie uses her own social media accounts to give fans an insight of how product is used and release dates. She is always posting videos of herself on snap chat showing how she herself uses the products each day to do her own make up and she also posts re-lease dates on her own social media accounts as well. Along with her posting, as I said above her family helps her do that too. Her sisters periodically will post Instagram pictures or snap chat videos wearing Kylie’s products or showing off the products to their own fans which helps Kylie’s network grow.

Commendations and Recommendations:

I believe that over all, Kylie is doing GREAT at marketing her “Kylie Cosmetics” line. She targets her audience on each social media account by posting new pictures of products every day, sometimes even more than once or twice a day. She advertises her products on her own social media accounts by showing the viewer’s different ways of applying the make up or fun looks you can do with the make-up. She has her family marketing her product by posting pictures and videos of themselves wearing the make-up. But, the biggest one yet – after all of the posts and videos which brings the buyers in, the product line ends up being nothing short of amazing and has GREAT reviews with a B+ rating on the better business bureau website.

IMG_3372 3

One thing Kylie may want to do differently is spread more awareness to the company’s Twitter account as it has the lowest amount of followers. I think if she posted in the “About” section of Kylie Cosmetics Facebook account the links to her Twitter and Instagram it may help bring attention and more followers to those accounts. I think Kylie also mentioned her company’s Twitter account more on her own personal social media accounts It would also bring more awareness to it.

I really don’t think Kylie could do much of anything to improve her digital footprint. What works to Kylie’s advantage (besides her money and social status) is her age. She is a 20 year old girl who knows that social media is a big part of marketing in today’s world. She knows her audience, which is a huge part of her success. She has clean images of the products she advertises and she also has a personal brand that is well known in the make-up world. I personally give Kylie an A+ on not only her product but her marketing strategy, also.

For more information on Kylie herself you can visit her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Blog. You can also purchase her Kylie Cosmetics make-up line online only at

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