Harry Styles Social Media Analysis 

Social Media Final: Harry StylesIntroduction: The celebrity I chose to analyze and research for this project is Harry Styles. He’s 1/4th of the band One Direction and has been in the spotlight since the age of 16 when he auditioned for the seventh season of the X- Factor in 2010. Since auditioning with “Isn’t She Lovely,” Harry had been put into a 5 person band, traveling all over the world for 6 years, selling out some of the worlds largest stadiums and arenas. Since One Direction’s hiatus at the start of 2016, Styles had been working on his first independent album self titled “Harry Styles” which was released May 12th 2017. Styles has three official and verified social media networks that include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Over these three social media networks, Styles has over 66 million followers across his social media platforms. His exposure and influence continues to be impressive, understated, and lowkey however his millions of followers jump to see his social media engagements and interact with his posts. Styles has amassed such a large number of followers and likes due to the recent release of his album, partnered with 7 years in the international spotlight and 6 with One Direction. Social Media Overview: Starting off with his Facebook profile, Styles has 14,328,537 followers and 14,940,956 likes. His current profile picture is his album cover and his cover photo is a pink flower photo a part of his album artwork. On his Facebook page, Styles takes advantage of his pin feature to showcase his current released album. His Facebook page has mostly been a medium for his album promotion since March 28th. The verified page, run mostly by his team has posted updates on Styles appearances, release dates and touring dates. 16 pictures appear on his Facebook. Posts from March 28th include, notice of his appearance on Saturday Night Live, picture giving details about the release of his first single, links to his songs, a Saturday Night Live promo video, album artwork, Pre order link, videos of his performances, magazine cover picture, and notices of award nominations. His Facebook page is utilized for promotional purposes only and is new in its inception in comparison to his Instagram and Twitter pages. His Facebook page was updated twice in the month of July, 6 in the month of June and 19 times in the month of May. Note that no direct just plain text statuses were posted, all included pictures, links and video.
In the community tab on Styles’ Facebook page, many news articles tag his profile in their stories but the page itself has no direct interactions with followers, however his posts garner anywhere from 50,000 to 200,000 like, love and surprised reactions.

Moving on to Styles’ Instagram account, this social media platform has a more storied history with 404 posts, 21.5 millions followers as well as the account following 193 accounts. His biography includes the link his single, and the link to his website. On March 31st Styles began posting pictures that advertised his album including 4 posts of album artwork, 2 with his touring dates and 1 with the name of the movie “Dunkirk” that he recently starred in. Harry’s Instagram account has a history of being creative as well as mysterious which keeps his followers excited for his posts. Harry’s first post to Instagram dates back to May 19th 2012 (a picture of deer) and chronicles his favorite pictures from his life on tour, his food, his friends and family, his favorite artists, aesthetically pleasing ones, ones he finds personally amusing, as well as promotional ones. In October 2014 Styles posted 47 black and white pictures in a row to February 2015. Since then, he’s posted more black and white artwork as well as his One Direction album cover and 6 blank white pictures. On average Styles posts 3-4 times a month on Instagram with some exceptions. To date his most liked Instagram post is a picture of his cut off pony tail detailing the haircut of his iconic long hair. The small amount of accounts he follows includes family and friends in his inner circle as well as brands and other celebrities he’s worked with. Moving on to Styles’ most popular and oldest social media account, Twitter. Joining in August 2010, this account has followed him through his new found fame to international stardom with fans, tweets, followers and likes along for the journey. He has 31 million followers in Twitter with 5,377 tweets with 62 likes and follows 2,044 accounts. His bio includes his website and his account is verified as well. There are 335 pictures and video on his twitter account and all his own personal tweets like always are signed H. at the end. His tweets are usually simple and short in nature and in language. Like his other social media platforms, his twitter is also used for promotional use however Styles personally runs more of his twitter account than any other network. Styles is famous on Twitter for wishing his fans happy holidays, Happy New Years, thanking them for voting and for supporting him and One Direction during every award show and remembering anniversaries in regards to his career. His tweets are quirky, and random which shows his personality despite him tweeting quite rarely in 2017. His replies and interactions on twitter have been to comment on his band mates new song and to reply to a famous writer and podcaster. in 2017, Styles has tweeted on average between 5 times and once a month and in 2016 4-5 times per month with no tweets in August, or November. If you look up Harry Styles on google, a myriad of pictures, video, social media accounts, news articles and magazines articles appear with website links to his album reviews and movie reviews. The top stories include any promising love interests on the horizon because many magazines and news articles tend to write and take an interest in his personal dating life as well. When it comes to the analysis of Styles Facebook account alone, the activities and posts are very appropriate and in accordance to his branding. They are clean, simple and not overwhelming due to how often updates and statuses are posted. His Facebook account is highly lacking in fan interactions, other than fan generated comments and reactions on posts, however the posts provide a place for fans to react. On Styles Instagram account, the activities and posts are also very appropriate and in accordance to his branding, posting and updating fans on album and appearance information in order to see the artist live and in person. Styles Instagram account showcases his personality and captures his audience and followers with his quirky posts such as his blank photos as well as his black and white colored theme. Instagram keeps fans updated on magazine cover news and displays album artwork. Commendations and Recommendations: In the past two years, Styles has cut down on posting however he still keeps his presence on the app exciting. Styles twitter account is also appropriate and in accordance to his branding once again, posting tour and album updates as well as appearance updates. Styles twitter account has served as a medium to also show case his personality to fans and interact with his millions of followers. Social media usage as a whole creates a fun, aesthetically pleasing and informative image to his audience. While I think Styles utilizes his social media accounts and all their features, I believe he and his team could definitely improve upon fan interactions and Styles could improve on that personally through the use of his twitter account. Like all over high profile celebrities, Styles’ digital footprint is scattered with many untrue articles and rumors, however companies use him to make money by telling false stories and anecdotes. All the while, Styles keeps a clean image and has learned that keeping a low profile on social media makes it more difficult for the press to pick apart any of his social media postings. Styles digital footprint paints him as a high profile celebrity that has worked on a lot of projects in their professional career and has awards and accolades to show for it. Harry Styles does well by keeping a low and drama free profile on his social media platforms as well as making meaningful tweets and posts. I recommend that him and his team allow for more fan interaction on his social media pages such as responding to fan comments. My biggest recommendation for Styles is to post a little more often on his Instagram and especially his twitter account. Fans look forward these profile updates and I feel that he should be allowed to express his personality through tweets and pictures as well as show his fans what’s on his mind more and interact with his fans and followers. Overall Harry Styles and his team appropriately update his social media platforms and keep fans in the loop. Styles has also proven himself to be fun and unproblematic on social media as well while providing funny and artistic posts for all his fans and followers across social media. 






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