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ESPN, short for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a very successful sports and entertainment media outlet and is considered the world wide leader in sports. For decades they have been successful in covering many sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, track and field, etc. What makes them so great is their longevity in the business and their ability to market every sport to where fans are tuning in everyday to see the latest in the sports world through many kinds of different outlets. ESPN is a billion dollar company thanks to their ratings over the years, their ability to sign TV contracts with the sports leagues bring in millions of viewers on tv every single day. They also do a great job of interacting with their fans through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. When it comes to round the clock sports coverage, ESPN is the alpha male of all sports outlets and it doesn’t look like they will dethroned anytime soon. ESPN also has many shows they air and own the rights to. Their successful TV shows include Sportscenter, Pardon The Interruption, Sports Nation, NFL live, MLB Countdown and many more. ESPN can appeal to any sports fanatic at any time nowadays thanks to social media. 

ESPN Introduction
ESPN has a great social media following on all of their platforms, they have millions of people following them and interacting with them every single day. ESPN is a company that is never closed, they are always working 24 hours a day 7 days a week reporting on all sports related news through their social media accounts. ESPN posts every single day which is one reason why they have such a great following and why they rake in millions of dollars. I’ll break down each social media platform to show exactly how they are so successful in their business. 


ESPN has a very successful twitter account they have approximately 33.3 million followers on this platform. When you pull up their profile you can see they are legit by the blue verification check mark, that’s how you know a company is really legit. Their profile picture is of their ESPN logo and cover photo is a picture of some of the athletes they cover on a daily basis. I believe what makes this platform so popular is their ability to give their followers good content to read, your not going to get many pictures on here because that is what Instagram is for. When you pull up their account you can scroll down their timeline, the posts are mainly dominated by many different articles on all the sports they cover. ESPN also likes to take polls on Twitter which is more engaging with their followers because they are asking for their inputs on what they think. They also like to post short highlight videos on the best plays in sports. ESPN also does a lot of promoting for their many types of services including live games, fantasy league, tv shows, and many other things. Their twitter following is far better than their competition for all these reasons. 


Just like their twitter account, FaceBook is verified by the blue check mark on Facebook which gives their followers that sense of legitimacy and credibility. Their profile picture and cover photo is the same as the Twitter setup (ESPN logo and a picture of the athletes they cover). ESPN also has many “likes” on FaceBook as they are over 18 million+ likes. Not quite as many followers on this platform because I believe they put more time and energy into other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Their Facebook content consists of things like articles that their followers can read, pictures of sports related things their fans can like and comment on, and short videos of highlights and tv shows they run during the day. The interaction between the company and fans isn’t all there on Facebook but the content they post makes up for the lack of direct communication which I think more people would like to see. They have the best content of any other sports media outlet. On their Facebook page you also get links to other ESPN related websites which also get a lot of traffic every single day. You can also download their app straight from the ESPN homepage which is very convenient. 


ESPN has a very well run Instagram page, they have a decent 8.3 million followers which isn’t as much as their Facebook and Twitter accounts but still has very good content that garner thousands of comments on their posts everyday. ESPN likes to hand out links to their very popular fantasy league on their Instagram home page. They have almost 11 thousand posts to date and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Their profile picture is consist with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the ESPN red logo that they are so famous for. Their content on Instagram is all visuals which is why it’s my personal favorite and they can get very creative in the things they do as far as what kind of content they can put on any particular post. These creative posts consist of content such as stats for a particular sport, shorts clips of highlights from any sport, pictures, quotes, finals scores to a variety of games, and promotion for all their services, add it all up and it makes for very good content that their followers eat up all day every day. Their posts receive hundreds of thousands of likes everyday. This account is also verfified by the blue check mark which is consistent with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Their is no real direct communication from the company and its followers here either as they just constantly post good content instead. 

ESPN Digital Footprint: 

ESPN’s digital footprint says it all about them as a company. All the links that pop up are directly related to their company in a good light which is very crucial to a company’s success. They offer unlimited services that pop up on their digital footprint. Their website is the number one thing that pops up and for good reason, it’s their homepage, it’s like their twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all in one website which is why they get millions of clicks every single day. Also on their digital footprint you can find unlimited amounts of articles written by their writers which appear very frequently. YouTube is also a big part of their digital footprint because they can post videos of their tv shows and highlights from games on their YouTube channel which also has many followers and subscribers. Their Wikipedia page also pops up and gives us information about how they started up decades ago, which may or may not be true because Wikipedia can be manipulated by anyone at anytime. ESPNs digital footprint also brings us to familiar places like to their Twitter and Facebook accounts, we also get contact information in case you wanted to inquire to ESPN about anything. Their digital footprint consists of an unlimited amount of content for their fans and followers which is why they are worth so much. I believe the only things ESPN needs to do better is have better direct communication between the fans and the company, this can be simple interactions with fans over their social media profiles, the content is all their and is good but they are lacking direct communication in my opinion. 

ESPN aka the world wide leader in sports is a very good example of a successful company with a tremendous social media following thanks to their consistency and credibility. They have very good numbers across the board and seem to be getting bigger and stronger as a whole. 


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @espn

ESPN owns the rights to all pictures in this post. 


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