Final Project: Luke Bryan




Luke Bryan came from the small town of Leesburg, Georgia and is now rocking out to a sold out crowd a Gillette Stadium. Once he moved to Nashville, he began writing songs for country artists like Billy Currington. Soon after though he wanted to entertain people himself. His first singles were “All My Friends Say,” “We Rode in Trucks,” and “Country Man.” However, the rode to Nashville didn’t happen right away. As he was packing his truck to chase his dream, his older brother was killed in a car crash. This put his dreams on hold for a while. He went to Georgia Southern University and got his bachelor’s in business administration. There he met his wife Caroline. After graduation, he packed his bag once again and headed off to Nashville and never looked back.

Throughout his career Luke Bryan has become a great entertainer. Along with his classic songs like “Country Girl: Shake It For Me” and “Play It Again,” he has the dance moves to go along with the songs. This gets all the fans off their feet dancing along. Luke also has his own clothing lines “Hunting Fishing, and Loving Everyday” and “32Bridge” Which is a bridge very close to Luke back home in Georgia.

32 bridge


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


Facebook – Luke Bryan’s Facebook profile picture is a professional picture of himself backstage of one of his concerts. His cover photo is of his “Huntin’ Fishin’ And Lovin’ Everyday Day” Tour logo. His Facebook is a mix of photos and videos updating his fans through his tours. There is a link to his official fans website, where you purchase any of his merchandise items. Luke’s most recent popular post is a video of he and his family celebrating his birthday backstage of his concert that night. The “ABOUT” tab is full of is other social media accounts, and basic information of Luke. His Facebook is very well put together.

Twitter – Luke Bryan’s Twitter profile picture is of his son and wife fishing. His cover photo is the same as is Facebook cover photo. Luke’s Twitter is full of updates of his tour. His most recent popular post on his Twitter account his a photo of him performing at Progressive Field. Which is also the home of The Cleveland Indians.  The side bar is full of the basic information of the name of his current album, his current living location of Nashville, TN. It also provides links to where you can purchase his album and the year he joined Twitter: October, 2008. Luke’s Twitter is very well done.

Instagram – Luke’s Instagram profile picture is of himself at some photo-shoot. His most popular photo is of himself cheering on The Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup playoffs this past spring. There are also more personal pictures of him and his family as well. He also provides a link to his fan website .


Luke Bryan’s social media platforms is a great representation of himself to his fans. All his accounts are full of photos and videos of his current and past tours. All of his account provides a link to his fans website. His website is full out all tours and music as well. He also as an App that provides fans all access to his life on and off the bus. He enjoys updating his fans along his journey.


As a fan of Luke Bryan’s, I believe he is doing everything right! He keeps his accounts updated with professional and with just a little bit of personal information in between. Luke is a family man and you can see that through his social media.



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