Final Project: Rose McIver

By: Mitchell Vynorius

Rose McIver is a New Zealand actress, and she is best known for her main role in the T.V. show iZombie, and also known for her recurring role in Once Upon a Time. She has an average/above-average social media presence. She has a verified Twitter and Instagram account, and she has a Facebook account that appears to be run by fans. As you can see from her social media presence, she is a civil rights activist. She supports the rights and fair treatment of women, other races, the LGBTQ community, and any other group needing social justice. Rose McIver cares a lot about her fans as she has an increased social media presence during the airing of her showings by responding to what her fans have to say.


Her Facebook page has 6,491 likes. You can also find her verified twitter @imrosemciver where she has 153,000 followers and 4,643 tweets. She is following 309 people as well, and she joined Twitter in October of 2013. Her Instagram username is also imrosemciver. She has 349 posts and 361,000 followers, and she is following 328 people herself. As you can clearly see on her bios, she encourages all of her fans to “be kind” and you can tell she just wants everyone to get along, especially during this controversial time. She seems to focus her attention on shows in science fiction as well as regular fiction shows. You can understand this simply by looking at her Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Her Facebook page appears to be completely fan based. There are lots of posts and pictures of Rose on this page, but it is not a verified account nor does it appear to be her posting. Her fanbase seems to be especially large in New Zealand as well considering she is a New Zealand actress. Her Facebook also has a lot of links to YouTube videos as well as news articles mentioning Rose McIver, and one of the links even takes you to voting site to vote for Rose as your favorite actress. The Facebook page seems to be most focused on her main show, iZombie. Her fan base seems to primarily be teenagers and young adults.


Her Twitter page contains a lot of different photos, tweets, and retweets. Rose McIver appears to use her social media presence to show people her personal life, as well as to promote the fair treatment of people. Although, she rose to fame through her acting career, we can see she cares about all of her fans, and she wants freedom and social justice for everyone. She also retweets a lot of different tweets regarding iZombie as well as her own personal achievements. As we can also see from her verified Twitter and Instagram accounts, she cares a lot about the people she acts with and seems to hang out with them on a regular basis.


Her Instagram seems to be a little more personal than her Twitter account. She seems to post more photos of herself and about her life rather than of the shows she is working on. Her Twitter was more focused on iZombie and the people she worked with on the show. However, both accounts seem to have similar themes as she is being herself on both accounts.


Rose McIver does have an IMDB page dedicated for her as an actress. It is the first thing you see when you google her name “Rose McIver.” She also has a Wikipedia page for herself as an actress and also pops up under the Once Upon a Time and iZombie Wikipedia pages. Rose McIver is moderately active on Twitter. She appears to tweet at least once a day, and sometimes more often. She appears to be moderately active on Instagram as well. She has 349 posts and posts at least a couple times a week.


News networks such as the E! Network and TV Line have written about Rose McIver and her appearances in Once Upon a Time as her recurring role of Tinker Bell. When you google Rose McIver, you also get many images of her from photo shoots as well as pictures found on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Videos found on Google of her include her guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show as well as her own interviews and clips and segments of the movies and TV shows that she has starred in thus far. Continuing to guest star on shows such as the Jimmy Kimmel show and other shows where television stars are interviewed will also get people to start watching iZombie and other works she is involved in.


Rose McIver has done a great job getting herself out there as an actress. Although her social media presence is not nearly as large as someone like Kylie Jenner, she has a fairly large fan base that is still growing. As Rose McIver continues to make herself and known and stars in more TV shows and movies, her social media presence will be more prevalent. It is also important to keep in mind that Rose McIver is a New Zealand actress so the fact that she is thriving in the United States as well is impressive.


There is not much I could recommend to Rose McIver because I think she is doing the best she can with the situation given. The only thing that will get her more followers on Instagram and Twitter would be if she continues to get more roles in shows and movies. Since she is an actress, she is less likely to have someone follow her just because they “stumbled across” her on Twitter on Instagram. Most of her followers have watched Once Upon a Time or iZombie. She could also continue to support her fanbase and fandoms, because they will be more likely to tell their friends and families about the shows that she starred in.


From a social media perspective, she could use more hashtags in her tweets or even try promoting her tweets somehow so people who do not even follow her will see her tweets. She definitely keeps her social media presence neutral so you do not necessarily have to watch iZombie to understand what she is tweeting or posting about. She seems to be a little bit quirkier than most people, which I think will attract a unique fanbase as well. As she seems to be in the more fictional side of acting, I think her social media presence does not contradict her branding as her posts and tweets sometimes do include the shows and movies she is currently acting in.


Rose McIver uses social media moderately, but she does not use it necessarily as a tool to attract fans. She uses social media to convey her messages and beliefs, as well as to post pictures of herself, her castmates, and her friends. If she decides at some point to get into something other than acting, such as singing or songwriting, her fanbase would most definitely expand. Rose McIver has actually gained nearly 20,000 followers on her Instagram account since I last took a look at her account. As an actress, I believe she will continue to thrive and grow as her career continues. iZombie is now going into their fourth season, and ratings are great for the show. The show can also be found on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. All of her other shows and movies are available for people to see on Netflix as well as other TV and movie streaming services. As more people start to get into the shows she is in currently, her fan base will grow as well as her followers. Her fan base will definitely grow given the time needed, and her current fanbase seems to be extremely loyal to her and will definitely support her with what she is trying to do for herself.


I know I definitely find Rose McIver refreshing as an actress. She is true to herself and not pretending to be something she is not. I think a lot of people, especially her fans, find this true as well. I hope she does not try to do something or try to be something that she is not because I think that is what a lot of her fans love her for. A lot of her cast on iZombie including Aly Michalka, Robert Buckley, and David Anders also have similar mindsets which a lot of the fanbase likes as well.


Overall, Rose McIver should keep doing what she is doing, because everybody that knows about her likes her. She has an overall active social media presence, and she should continue to interact with her fans as much as she can. She should continue to collaborate and work with people that have similar mindsets with what they believe in and how they can work together to create something that people will like. Although she is not the most popular actress ever, Rose McIver will always be one of my favorite actresses because she is true to herself and her fans.


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