Case Study # 3: Rose McIver

Mitchell Vynorius
Jennifer Bauer
Social Media
8 July 2017
Case Study #3
The celebrity I decided to do my case study analysis on is Rose McIver. She is best known for her role as Liv Moore on the hit TV show iZombie. To get to her Facebook page, go to Her page has 6,154 likes. You can also find her verified twitter @imrosemciver where she has 148,000 followers and 4,598 tweets. She is following 306 people as well, and she joined Twitter in October of 2013. Her Instagram username is also imrosemciver. She has 332 posts and 343,000 followers, and she is following 328 people herself.
Her Facebook page is not like a normal account, it looks almost like a verified fan page. It does not appear to be her actually posting, but it is the most liked Rose McIver page on Facebook. The profile picture is a really nice headshot of Rose, and it looks like it was taken by a professional photographer. The cover art is a picture of the iZombie advertisement. Most of the pictures on here are pictures of Rose McIver as well as articles written about her, and the most popular posts are definitely the pictures of Rose.
This page does like other Facebook pages, including the official iZombie Facebook page. When I went under the about tab, I noticed how it included links to her Twitter and Instagram. It shows me basically the highlights of her work, and basic information about her that you can get simply from googling her. Overall, the page seems pretty normal, and pretty legitimate. The audience does participate with the posts on this account, they basically just comment about how pretty she is or how excited they are about iZombie. There are not many negative comments at all.
Her Twitter profile is a lot more personal than her Facebook page. You can tell that this is actually her tweeting, and the account is verified by Twitter. Her profile picture is a piece of artwork with a guy holding a sign that says, “I protest.” I actually do not quite understand what this means, but I think there is some greater meaning behind it. I would have to say the same thing about her cover art as it is artwork of some girl falling into a field of grass.
Her bio is very simple and it just says “be kind” and I actually really like that, because it is so simple and we are all capable of doing that. Her most popular tweets appear to be the ones where she is talking about iZombie in and using the iZombie hashtag. Her tweets are mostly captions, pictures with captions, or links to articles. Most of her tweets come from her own account, but there are some retweets on there as well. The audience replying to her tweets are mostly part of her fanbase for iZombie, so they are all positive comments. Her Twitter looks pretty good, but I think she could add some more hashtags in her posts, and maybe some more posts about herself, and her work that she’s done.
Her Instagram profile is probably the most personal out of all of her accounts. Her profile picture on Instagram is another piece of artwork, however, this one seems to be of her. This picture is under her photo, and it is capitioned “if Liv ate Rose’s brains.” Her username is still imrosemciver, and her bio is still “be kind” like it was on Twitter. Again, her most popular posts seem to be the one where she talks about or has pictures from iZombie. Her selfies with cast members from iZombie also seem to be very popular. Her account is looking really good, I think she might be able to add some hashtags to get some outside users to come and like her posts.
The Instagram audience is always fairly nice towards people when they post something. When I looked under her post, they were just commenting about how beautiful she was and how she should do modeling. I found that Rose McIver is most successful on Instagram rather than the other social media websites. I think this is just about the type of user she is on social media. She’s attractive, she likes to post pictures, and she is simple but she has a lot to say. For someone, such as myself, who is not on Instagram that often, I prefer to see Rose McIver on Twitter, because I use Twitter more than Facebook or Instagram. Overall, if you are trying to interact with an audience, you should probably use Twitter or Intragram. Those platforms say something quickly and to the point, and they get the message across, while Facebook is better for posting personal adventures and stuff like that. Rose is definitely most successful on Instagram.


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