Selena Gomez



Selena Gomez is a worldwide known actress and singer. She began her career on Barney and Friends in 1992 and continued to appear on the big screen in movies such as Spy Kids 3 in 2003, Walker, Texas Ranger in 2005, and House Broken in 2006. Gomez moved to California to keep her career rolling. She stared on her on Disney television show called Wizards of Waverly Place in 2007 and continued to be in countless movies. In 2009 Selena Gomez released her first album and launched her singing career. She has a huge fan base and is loved by millions.



Selena Gomez has 124 million followers on Instagram and 1,352 posts. She holds the record for the most followers on that social media platform. She posts multiple times a day to keep up with her fans. Gomez posts videos and pictures of herself and clips of her own music videos. She doesn’t make comments on her fans posts but will like them!

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Gomez has 60,011,769 followers on Facebook. Her posts are mainly her music videos and advertisements. Occasionally she will post a selfie but she never comments back to her fans on this media site. Her Facebook is mainly for sharing her creations and easy access for fans to get tickets to her concerts.




On Twitter, Selena has 49.9 million followers and 4,245 tweets. On this media site, Gomez shares her newest music and retweets her fans and followers such as IHeartRadio, who tweet anything related to her and her career. She really interacts the most with her fans on twitter than any other social media site.




YouTube is for videos Selena Gomez has a VEVO channel for all her music videos. She use to have a private channel when she was younger that she ran with her long time friend and costar Demi Lovato. Gomez has 13,486,788 subscriber’s to her current channel and 116 videos posted. Millions of people have liked, disliked and commented on each video both positive and negative feedback. Gomez never replies to them on YouTube though.



Just by typing “Selena Gomez” into the search engine of Google, all her social media sites pop right up. First you see her official page where fans can buy tickets to her shows. Then comes her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, in that order. Google also shows her Wiki page to the right, showing you who she is where she’s from, and all her more personal information. Articles and interviews also pop up on Gomez’s google search about her mental health and career.

Overall, Selena’s social media platforms appeal to all ages. Her posts are all appropriate and loved completely by her fans. She shows herself as a strong, independent, woman figure and a role model to girls of all ages around the world. She’s a young woman who, despite her health issues, has overcome addiction and hard times while in the spotlight. She has shown women worldwide that anything is possible, no matter how difficult.  Gomez does her best to be active on all her sites and to interact with her fans as much as possible. Happy fans is all she is looking for.


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