Mod Sun


Mod Sun is a slightly less known hip hop artist that I have grown to really like over the past few years. His music speaks of positivity and happiness and that is right up my alley. Through this project, I hope to show more people how awesome he is.

He has been on the music scene since the late 2000s, but he did not start out as Mod Sun the solo artist. He started out performing with a band, but then, I learned that he experienced some type of “enlightenment” and made a promise to himself and those he loved that he would always emit positive vibes. From then on, he started creating music with very uplifting lyrics and positive messages (for example, one my favorite lyrics is “every flaw is really beauty owned by nobody else”). This speaks to me because I have had trouble with body image throughout my life, and his music makes me feel validated.

His brand is self-described as “hippy hop.” He calls it this because his genre could most accurately be considered hip hop, but the messages are so different than many hip hop artists nowadays that it deserves the clarification. He loves weed, and sings about it in many of his songs so that automatically points him in the direction of a specific type of audience.

Social Media Presence

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 5.18.55 PM


The platform that I view most of his is definitely his Instagram page. He currently has 259,000 followers. I have noticed that he mostly posts photos, but there are also a good amount of videos on there as well. He likes to post clips of his new music and videos as a little sneak peak to his viewers. Mod Sun posts to Instagram usually about once a day, sometimes more, in order to keep his followers active. He interacts with his fans on his posts, but not as much on Instagram as on some other platforms.



Mod Sun also has a good following on his Facebook page. He currently has 217,673 followers on this platform and posts a larger variety of media. He posts a good mix of videos, albums, single photos, text posts, and article links. I like that he has so much mixed media on his page, as it keeps the audience interested. He usually posts at least once a day, sometimes more often than that even, but usually does not interact with his fans as much as on some other platforms.

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I believe that one of his most active social media accounts is his Twitter page. He has 354,500 followers as of right now and posts a lot. He posts lots of photos and videos, but this is the one platform where he sends a lot of text posts. I admire this, because text posts have been slowly dying out but Twitter is one platform that still has them going strong. I believe he uses his Twitter page more often than any other platform, not because he posts all day every day, but because he posts frequently and interacts with his fans a lot. He usually posts at least once a day on his own, but I have found that he replies and likes a lot of posts from fans that have tagged him. I have actually experienced this firsthand, because there have been times when I have tagged him in a Tweet and he has liked it. It made my day each and every time. He does this all the time, which is amazing.


Mod Sun’s last social media page is his YouTube channel. He currently has 82,450 followers, the least amount of all of his social media sites. I think this is because YouTube is becoming less and less popular as the years go on. All of his posts here are obviously video posts, but they range from music videos to emotionally uplifting speech stories. YouTube is the platform that he uses the least amount for sure. There are long breaks, usually a month or so, between each video. However, this makes sense because he obviously needs more time to come up with finished material to publish. He does not really interact with fans on YouTube, but I think this is mostly because (I believe) his crew runs his channel rather than him himself. He runs all of his other accounts.

As a whole, I think that Mod Sun’s social media presence is very thorough. He has accounts on all the popular sites, and uses them all regularly with an audience of thousands of followers. He interacts with his fans as much as possible, and regularly posts new content of all different varieties (videos, photos, articles, text posts, etc.).

Digital Footprint

The first item that comes up when I search Mod Sun on Google is his main web page where he has tour dates, music, and merchandise. He says, “I have no fans, just friends” which is a great way to entice people to view the site because it is completely true. He treats each fan as if they were part of his family, which is super admirable. There is a list of all of his social media pages on the right side of the page where Google usually has a small biography of the famous person. After his main site, the first platform listed is his Twitter page. This does not surprise me at all, because it is the page he uses the most frequently. After Twitter, Google lists his Wikipedia page, his Facebook page, and his Instagram page. He obviously has a very deep digital footprint because all of results were for him specifically. Then again, he has a very uncommon name. If you scroll down a little bit more, you will see a search result for his Sound Cloud page. This is where he posts all of his work regardless of whether it is a known track or an obscure mixtape of his. I have found music on there to listen to that I had never heard anywhere else, which was pretty cool. Finally, his YouTube page comes up, along with one of his better known videos. I think the order of the search results really does match up well with how he uses his social media accounts- the more he uses an account, the higher up it is on the list.

Analysis and Evaluation

For his Instagram, I would say that his activities are definitely appropriate for his branding. He posts about his tours, his new songs, and collaborations. Although he does not interact with fans that much on this platform, when he does, it matches his brand very well. He always exudes happiness and positivity.

For his Facebook, his activities are also appropriate but are a little bit less personal than on other accounts. He posts the same sorts of things as on his Instagram, but also links some articles in there. Like I said before, he does not interact with fans on this site.

On Twitter, he is the most personable. His posts are very on-brand, mostly about his work and his life views. He interacts with his fans the most with this platform, which also goes along with his happy hippy brand.

Finally, we have his YouTube page. The videos match his brand, but his fan interaction is not very strong on this site. I would say that it is not the best representation of his brand.

Mod Sun’s image is of positivity. He has a lyric that goes, “health, wealth, success, and happiness will always be my mantra” which goes to show his upbeat outlook on life. He absolutely makes the most of his social media presence as well. I think he looks at social media as a way to uplift his fans. All of his text post tweets are about how grateful he is or are positive affirmations, which can help anyone who is feeling less than great. However, I think he could improve his presence on YouTube. It would be really cool if he could use YouTube more himself (not his team) because it would be so much more personable for him to respond to and interact with fans on this site as well. I get that this platform is less personal to begin with, but it would just show that he could go the extra mile. Again, I am not saying that what he is currently doing is not working. I think he is doing an amazing job with his fans and I am so grateful for that.

As far as the digital footprint goes, I think his shows that he is a well established artist. He knows his audience and has put out enough content to generate lots of web results. This does not contradict with his branding. He has a mission to uplift the lives of his fans, and with all of the content he puts out, I think he is successful in that mission.

Commendations and Recommendations

Mod Sun has an amazing “friend base.” One of the things I really commend him on is the fact that he considers his fans his friends on all of his platform and in person. He posts pretty frequently and interacts with his fans a decent amount. Like I said before, I think he may consider using his other platforms (Facebook and YouTube) more personally than he currently is. He may want to start replying to comments and posts on these pages as well because it would make his fans very happy. He may also want to start posting with his fans, because I know for a fact that he loves to take photos with and talk to them. As far as his digital footprint, I think it looks very adequate. I have no recommendations for changing it.

I think Mod Sun has a solid social media presence that will continue to garner him attention and new fans throughout his long career.





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