Tarte Cosmetics Analysis, Final Project


Maureen Kelly founded this company in 1999. The main goal that Kelly set out for her company was to create natural makeup that is actually beneficial for skin. The majority of Tarte products include minerals, plant extracts, and vitamins. Along with maintaining natural ingredients throughout Tarte Cosmetics, the company also maintains an eco friendly status and all of the products are animal testing/cruelty free. The main message Tarte gives to customers is to use products that are healthy and beneficial and to buy from a company that cares about what goes into the products.

Social Media Presence Overview

Snapchat: tartecosmetics

Twitter: @tartecosmetics

Facebook: tartecosmetics

Instagram: tartecosmetics

Youtube: tartecosmetics

Analysis and Evaluation

Tarte Cosmetics has four social media accounts. Each of these accounts have the same username which makes it easy for customers to find Tarte on any social media platform. Every account excluding the company’s snapchat account has the same profile picture and cover/banner photo, which gives Tarte a strong appearance regarding branding.

Starting off with Tarte’s live Snapchat account, tartecosmetics. This account typically includes different Tarte associates featured in Tarte’s snapchat story. The videos posted on this company’s story include Tarte’s makeup, special events, giveaways, new makeup releases, and etc.. This account stays up to date daily and gives customers an inside look on the company and the cosmetics sold.

Tarte’s twitter account, @tartecosmetics has 581K followers. Tarte follows back only 403 accounts and has 36.1K tweets. The profile photo and cover/banner photo for each account including Tarte’s twitter account can be seen below.

Twitter Cover Photo and Profile Photo
Tarte’s profile picture and cover picture

Tarte posts very frequently and the posts consist of a lot of photos featuring Tarte products, customer’s photos, gifs, and videos. The majority of Tarte’s twitter profile consists of free give away alerts, special Tarte hosted events, and news about newly released makeup. Besides the tweets about Tarte Cosmetics there are a lot of tweets involving customers or shout outs to Youtubers. Tarte is highly interactive with customers, the Twitter page has a large percentage of retweets from customer accounts and of customer posts involving photos of their Tarte makeup. These retweets typically show up every other post on Tarte’s Twitter account. This Twitter account also throws in a few comical tweets involving funny pictures, which can attract more viewers.

Tarte's Twitter Account
A tweet from Tarte Cosmetics Twitter Account


“Tarte Cosmetics” on Facebook is similar to the Twitter profile. This Facebook account has 1,090,570 followers and 1,099,578 people like the page. Tarte’s Facebook posts are very frequent, at least one every day. This profile consists of photos, videos, or customer photos/videos. The posts are mostly pictures of Tarte’s cosmetics and new products, videos of customer’s makeup tutorials using Tarte, events hosted by Tarte, or information about free giveaways. There are also some posts that show how Tarte is a very ethical company and shows that the company feels strongly about eliminating animal cruelty and helping animals in general.

Tarte Cosmetics is highly interactive with customers on the Facebook page. Not only does Tarte post videos and photos of customers, but the company also replies to customer’s comments whether they are negative or positive.

Tarte Cosmetics Facebook Responses
Tarte Cosmetics responding to a customer

Tarte’s Instagram known as @tartecosmetics has 6.8M followers. The company follows 104 people and the profile has 5,550 posts. Tarte posts very frequently, there are multiple posts per day, typically 3 or more. Every post by the company receives a lot of likes and comments. Posts receive 30K up to over 100K likes. Regarding comments the posts range from 30 comments up to a few hundred. Tarte’s Instagram page mainly consists of colorful, creative photos and some short videos. These photos include advertisements of the cosmetics, photos of customers featuring Tarte Cosmetics, and the occasional comical pictures.

Tarte’s customer interaction on Instagram is a little less than the other accounts, but the company still posts a lot of customer’s photos/videos.

Tarte Cosmetic’s Youtube account is fairly popular with 109.979 subscribers. The posts on Tarte’s Youtube account aren’t as frequent as other social media accounts, but the company posts at least once or twice per week. This account’s posts consist of videos. These videos give customers an inside view of Tarte Cosmetics as a company. The videos include Tarte associates setting up for events, giveaway videos, tutorials for customers, and customer given tutorials. Tarte Cosmetics is fairly interactive with customers on the Youtube page. Tarte replies to customers within the comment section, features customers on the Youtube page, and Tarte does a lot of giveaways to customers.

Tarte has an effective, ethical, and interactive social media usage as a whole. Tarte posts are appealing and include customers which creates an interactive experience with all Tarte users. Tarte’s overall main message is highly ethical, it states that the company cares about the ingredients in their cosmetics and the company focuses on creating natural and beneficial makeup for customers. Tarte also features ethical posts about foundations they are involved in or some of the causes Tarte cares for and helps take action with, for example Tartle the sea turtle shown previously. The majority of Tarte’s social media accounts are very interactive and customer friendly. Tarte is always answering customers or reaching out to customers that have had a bad experience. The company also posts a lot of customers with photos or customer videos/tutorials.

When searching “Tarte Cosmetics” the first website that shows is Tarte’s official website and then the following websites include websites of companies that Tarte is sold at such as Sephora or Ulta. The rest of the websites that come up are all of Tarte’s social media accounts. Overall Tarte has a good digital footprint and the most helpful and important information comes up when Tarte is searched.

Commendations and Recommendations

Overall Tarte Cosmetics is doing great with the company’s social media usage and digital footprint. The company is very interactive with customers which is key to having a great customer service. Tarte is also a very generous company and throw a lot of events and hold a lot of free giveaways. Tarte Cosmetics is very involved with the company’s customers and the company features a large amount of their customers within Tarte’s social media accounts. Tarte also has a very ethical mission statement and is involved in a lot of foundations/charities. This company is definitely still developing and will eventually reach more and more cosmetic users. Currently this company is doing great with social media usage. I recommend that they don’t do anything differently. To improve this company’s social media presence and digital footprint I would say the company should remain highly interactive with customers and continue to hosts events in order to get the company known to more people.


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