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NBC’s The Office currently ranks as my favorite television show. The Office follows the lives of employees at a fictional company dubbed Dunder Mifflin. It is filmed in a way that stimulates the look of an actual documentary, with a single-camera setup and the characters active acknowledgement of being filmed. The Office is arguably one of the most iconic modern television shows, known for its sarcastic and often innapropriate humor

.office meme


The Office utilizes satirical humor in order to poke fun at modern corporate America and address issues that persist in the workplace, such as sexism and racism. The show initially received a lot of negative feedback for its offensive humor in its first season. However, the following seasons of The Office landed on several critics’ year-end top TV series lists and won several awards including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006 and four Primetime Emmy Awards.

The show presents Dunder Mifflin as your average, mundane office full of stereotypical employees. Michael Scott, regional manager of Dunder Mifflin and central character of the series, is played by Steve Carell. As a salesman, Michael is extremely successful. However, his inflated ego and innapriopriate behavior make him a terrible manager. Without proper leadership, Dunder Mifflin is a hostile environment that is in a constant state of conflict. Michael’s humor often annoys and offends those around him, particularly his employees. The remaining characters on The Office portray as a diverse, stereotypical group.

Link to ’50 Funniest Moments on the Office’

Personally, I applaud The Office’ use of satire. Satires are crucial to society’s progression, as they create a comfortable space in which people are forced to take note of our downfalls. Considering the heavy influence mass media has over people, what better way to grab our attention? Satires are not only a direct reflection of our culture, but also highly entertaining.

One of my favorite episodes is season 5 episode 14 “Stress Relief: Part 1”. Please see YouTube video below!


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