Not only does he score big on the playing field, but TB12 also scores among his fans

Across the Nation, Football is a beloved American sport. Ranging from all ethnicities and sizes of men running at each other to tackle and get the ball. To many, this game seems useless, but to others, this is a way of life. Sundays have never felt so good until you get a nice home cooked meal and get to watch your favorite team play on Sunday Night Football on NBC. But, being a typical New England girl, Tom Brady (#12), everyone across America knows him as “Deflategate”, is an idol to many. Tom Brady is the Quarterback for the beloved New England Patriots. He has risen with the team each season to bring them to win many incredible games, including the Super Bowl on February 5th, 2017 that almost caused many people to have a heart attack in front of their TV’s. Tom Brady & Company came back to win against the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 after what many thought was a lost game. But, Tom Brady isn’t only known for his football field appearances, he is also known for his collaboration with his body coach to create the TB12 method. At TB12, the staff focus on fostering an accelerated method for injury recovery and performance longevity. Maintaining this celebrity status comes pretty natural to Mr. Brady, constantly making him the most hated Quarterback in America. Some will say he is the best there has ever been and others will disagree. But no matter what words or actions are thrown at him, Tom Brady continues to shed light on the positive side of issues and setbacks, creating a sportsmanship glow that has brightened up the futures of many young athletes. Check out the official TB12 website HERE.

Tom Brady is fairly new to the social media frenzy. But even during his short presence, Tom Brady seems to be creating quite the digital footprint. For social media accounts, TB12 is a part of Instagram and Facebook. To many, this probably won’t seem like a huge deal because he hasn’t been a part of the social media world for tons and tons of years, but he definitely has started to leave a digital footprint. Whether he is creating this Image by himself, or with the help of his super famous model wife, Gisele, he is hands down one of the most popular athletes out there. Tom joined Instagram right after the new year began in 2017. Of course, here in New England in the middle of January you can most definitely expect snow. His first InstaPost included some snow, his TB12 hat, and him in a t-shirt and jeans. Although this seems like a normal post, the NFL and Social Media world stopped for a few seconds, so every one could pick their jaw back off the ground and catch their breath. Before his presence on Instagram, many would joke and call him the king of Facebook.


Stop the Press! Tom Brady just posted to Instagram…

When it comes to Tom Brady and Instagram, he is fairly new to this specific social media platform, but in the past 7 months, he has taken the world by storm. The New England Quarterback seems to post positive, uplifting pictures. Some personal, some about the life he lives, and some about the notorious game he plays. Like stated before, Tom is married to Gisele Bundchen, best known for her model runway appearances including The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Across the country, #12 is said to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, excelling in skill, personality and courage. Throughout his short time on Instagram, Brady takes his fans and followers into the personal life and struggles himself and his family have become challenged with. It became known again in this past Super bowl season that his mother had become ill again with Cancer, and it was right around the time of the big game. He is always traveling within the U.S. or in other countries surrounding, spreading his knowledge of the game and skills to others in these places who are less fortunate. Tom uses his Instagram also to show his love and passion for the Country we live in, and to show his support for other athletes around the nation who are facing challenges that could forever change their lives and outlook of their games. The reason for Instagram for the quarterback became clear that he is going to use the site as a place to pump up the fans and fellow team mates, giving everyone a window view of what is going on inside the locker room and playing field. When the Patriots have. rough game and the announcers say they really didn’t play too well, Brady is there to pick the team back up and get them ready for the next game. There is no negative vibes with TB12, there is only a new day tomorrow. He does a terrific job proving to every one of his followers that he is indeed the greatest quarterback to play the game of football, and he even proves this by showing his true colors and personality through pictures. Check out his Instagram page HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.00.33 PM.png

King of Facebook 

Although Instagram was only blessed with the best quarterback in the NFL in January of 2017, Facebook was blessed many years back. Tom Brady has been previously nicknamed the King of Facebook. Why?? Because once again, Tom Brady is using Facebook as a platform for encouragement and positivity. Whether the football star is using Facebook to mock his own dance moves, photoshop faces and other players into his pictures, or using it to share funny pictures relation to a game that they had just won. So whether you are part of the country that absolutely despises Tom Brady, everyone can agree on this—he is quite savvy with his posts and his Facebook page is down right amazing. He generally uses this platform to create posts about his family, team and workout combinations. I honestly can’t tell you about anything negative he has ever posted. But seriously, enough of me telling you how AWESOME his Facebook Page is, just go check it out and see for yourself HERE! (p.s.- if your ever wondering how his Facebook page gets so unbelievably awesome, read this link to see how it all is done)


Tom’s Digital Footprint 

As a whole, Tom Brady seems to be becoming a very social and active participant in the social media world. He seems to have dove head first into a sea of sharks, waiting for him to make one wrong turn. But lucky for him, he has many followers and supporters who seem to be behind him every step of the way and encouraging him to be exactly who everyone wants him to be. The best Quarterback of all time, father, brother, husband and friend. When you go onto Google and type “Tom Brady”, a whole list of websites, stat reports and sport links pop up. The first link to show is his Facebook page, which has over 4 million followers. The next to pop up is an NFL stats page, put together by the NFL themselves. This page includes a picture of the Quarterback, some highlights of his career since he was drafted, and the recent games he has played in. Most of the feed that appears when you go onto google is positive and has to do with the game of football, including links that read “Tom Brady is. the greatest Quarterback of all time. Period.”. To me, as a fan and a follower, this shows that even on social media, Tom Brady is doing what he needs to do to prove to people that he is indeed the person everyone hopes he is. He’s very honest, humble and true, making him seem too good to be true. But as I scrolled deeper and deeper into Tom’s digital footprint, I realized that there is also some links that portray him as a cheater. It almost seems as if Tom Brady was the most scandal-ridden athlete in America this year, and social media definitely took the time to bust him on that. If it wasn’t bad enough the New England Patriots and Tom Brady were the center of the universe when the NFL brought to light the “Deflategate Scandal”, he was also served with a suspension for the start of the 2016-2017 season. As many fans thought the team was now left for dead, Brady consistently showed up t practice and games in hopes that this would show his team what this season was going to be like. On Facebook, because he wasn’t on Instagram yet, he would post statuses and pictures that were overflowing with positivity and excitement for the season, no matter what was going on. His posts include the Patriots Training Camp, Pre-Season games, and even pointing some fun at the whole “Deflategate” scandal. He made the best of what he could out of the situation he was in, and he used social media to really stand his ground. Check out this link that explains this scandal, HERE.


Tom Brady seems to be doing well all on his own, making fans, teammates and followers around the world really proud. He came up from the bottom from an early start in his career. But since the day he was drafted by the New England Patriots, I think I can speak for most fans when I say this, his thoughts, words and actions have given us all the strength to get through tough games and even disasters that happen locally. His social media presence is unique in a way, but so unique that it gives others the opportunity to explore inside the world of one of the greatest of all time. Because he has so many followers, I’m sure it is extremely difficult to interact and respond to some comments and questions posted on his page. And I feel as if he had people working his page to ensure these comments were answered, it wouldn’t be as special because it wasn’t coming directly from Tom himself. I also think that he made a good decision by only joining Facebook and Instagram, as he probably doesn’t want to become so engulfed in the social media world like Twitter! He portrays a family-man lifestyle, showing the love and passion he has for his wife and family, and also for the love of football. So Tom, if your reading this ever, please know that from a New England Patriots Fan standpoint, you are doing the best you can. And for all the young athletes who are trying to follow in your footsteps, don’t let them down, as they are our future and look up to you in a way that people would cherish. Heres to another great season of football, and hopefully bringing back another ring and banner for the 2017-2018 season! Let’s keep all these scandals away, New England is ready for some Football!!!


Watch the link for his Super Bowl 51 Speech HERE. (Trust me, if your from New England, it’ll give you all the feels).


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