Final Project – Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt is an American born actor known for his humor, even in his more serious roles. He has starred in movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2, Jurassic World, The Lego Movie, The Magnificent Seven, and the TV show Parks and Recreation. He is more of new comer to acting, considering his first leading role in a movie wasn’t till 2014. However, he has become influential very quickly, and even was put on Time’s list for 100 most influential people in 2015. Chris is married to fellow comedic actress, Anna Farris, and together they have one kid. He uses social media as a big way to connect and reach out to his fans, promote his own and his wife’s new work coming out, and talk about and share his fitness.

Social Media Presence Overview:


  • Facebook name – Chris Pratt
  • Number of likes – 3,683,583


  • Username – prattprattpratt
  • Number of followers – 13.2 million
  • Number of people he follows – 137
  • Numbers of posts – 298


  • Username – @prattprattpratt
  • Number of followers – 4.4 million
  • Number of people he follows – 373
  • Number of tweets – 3.3 thousand

Analysis and Evaluation:

Twitter – Twitter is Chris Pratt’s most used social media as you can see with an incredible 3.3 thousand tweets. It is not his most popular social media, however he still has a very large following consisting of 4.4 million fans. Chris uses his Twitter for many different things, but I think the biggest differences between his Twitter and his other social media accounts is how much more he connects with his fans. He has a lot more tweets which gives him more opportunities to talk with his fans, and connect with them. He also recently has been participating in an event to raise money for charity where the winners will get to meet him on the set of where they are filming the new Jurassic World. Chris also uses Twitter to promote any of his new movies, or his wife and any of her work. He retweets a ton of what his wife posts and makes sure to try to hype up any of her new work just as much as his own, maybe even more. Chris uses twitter to also talk about his favorite sports teams. Since he grew up in Washington he is an avid Seahawks fan. He many time during the football year will tweet about the Seahawks and any big games they have going on. The biggest difference about Chris’ twitter and the rest of his social media, is he uses social media for more spur of the moment thoughts. A lot of time his tweets are not as planned out as his Facebook, or Instagram posts. This allows him to use twitter to keep in contact and joke more with his friends, fans, and family.

Instagram – Instagram is Chris Pratt’s most popular social media source. He has a massive following with 13.2 million people, which allows him to connect with 3 times the amount of people he can through Twitter. On Instagram Chriss gives his followers more of a look into his social life. He posts pictures of what he is doing right now, so his followers can see what hes doing, unlike in Twitter when they only read about his day to day life. For example, some of his most recent post’s include pictures of him on the beautiful set of the new Jurassic World. He also posts pictures from his recent adventures when he traveled to China. Even though Chris doesn’t have as many jokes on his Instagram as he does on his Twitter, he is still able to showcase his humor through his use of funny captions and hash tags. However, unlike Twitter he is able to post many funny videos to Instagram that many of his fans enjoy. Like his snack time with Chris Pratt videos where he shows himself eating a healthy snack and having to give up a snack he loves because of his diet for his fitness and movie roles. He also shows many videos of behind the scenes looks at the filming for his new movies. This provides fans with the sneak peaks they are looking for about these upcoming films. Chris also gets anywhere from about 500,000 to 2 million likes on his videos or pictures on average. This is a very large number, especially when compared to his other social media accounts, but then again he has 3 times the followers on Instagram so it makes sense.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.36.22 PM.png

Facebook – His Facebook is basically filled with all the same content his Instagram has. He posts about the same time for both, while using Twitter the most. The only real difference with his Instagram and Facebook account is that they are on different social media sights. He posts the same things on both sights to try to stay connected with all his fans, for he knows not everyone who has Facebook has Instagram, and vice versa, even though there is a lot of overlap. Like his other accounts, his Facebook posts videos and pictures along with captions and messages that allow him to connect and reach out to his fans in variety of ways. It also allows him to be able to promote his new work coming out and letting fans of his know when his new films will be releasing. He has many posts where he tries to raise awareness for things that matter to him, showing that he not only uses his fame and popularity for his own promotion, but to try to shed light on movements that he thinks are important as well.

Social Media Usage as a Whole – I would say that Chris Pratt uses all of his social media accounts very effectively. He stays engaged with his fans, and keeps them informed about when his new works are coming out. He does a good job at building uo the hype and excitement for his new movies by showing pictures of the characters in costumes or behind the scenes looks. He is also a very big advocate for raising awareness for worthy causes. He believes in using his popularity to help others. His social media accounts are also full of his fitness for any of his fans that want to become more active and change the way they look, like he has. He is very successful at uses social media and this shows with his large following on each site.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.27.24 PM.png

Digital Footprint – After researching and looking up Chris Pratt’s on Google, I realized that he is a very down to earth guy who is very popular on these sights. He has a great sense of humor, and brings a lot of laughs to his followers, while also being a respecting and caring indivual. He promotes and tries to gain attention for many movements considering to push for closed captioning on social media videos for the hearing impaired. This came after Chris called for his followers to turn up the volume for his video’s instead of relying on subtitles. However, he recently later realized that this was insensitive to his hearing impaired fans. He then went above and beyond and learned sign language to create an apology video to his followers. Chris also has done the 22 push up challenge to raise awareness for veteran suicide, he honored fallen soldiers by doing the MURPH challenge on memorial day, and many other movements to raise awareness. Another big thing about Chris Pratt’s digital footprint is his commitment to fitness. He has many videos he has posted about his workouts and his diet plans that he undertakes in order to stay in top physical condition. This is because earlier in his career he fluctuated a lot with his weight. Finally, when searching Chris Pratt you not only find out about his movies, but his humor as well. You see funny tweets he has posted, or skits he has done on late night TV showing why fans are so quick to fall in love with the guy.

Commendations and Recommendations:

Chris Pratt is doing a lot of things well on social media. The first and biggest thing for an actor is that he keeps in touch with his fans. Chris does an excellent job with that, and with his humor he keeps his fans constantly following his posts, and liking his content. He also does a great job at using his popularity to promote his work, or other that he is excited about. Chris also does a phenomenal job at being a stand up guy. As I talked about before, he uses his social media presence to encourage and make many movements popular that raise awareness for good causes. One impressive thing that he does is continuing to appear humble on social media. He has a good balance of down to earth posts along with his fitness posts. If someone posts too much about their fitness or in the wrong way, it can come off as bragging. However, he does a good job at balancing to give him a positive image. Other than that I have no recommendations for Chris. He is doing a great job at managing his social media, and he should keep on doing what he’s doing.



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