Case Study #3 Chris Hardwick






Chris Hardwick is a stand-up comedian as well as the creator of the Nerdist Network. He is the host of the Nerdist podcast where he interviews actors, musicians, and various celebrities along with his part-time co-hosts Matt Mira and Jonah Ray. He is also the host of shows such as @Midnight on Comedy Central, NBC’s The Wall, Talking with Chris Hardwick on AMC along with many after show talk shows on AMC like Talking Dead. Chris is a self-described “nerd” and much of his material is devoted to talking about things like comic books, Star Wars, video games, etc. He has been in the business since the mid-nineties when he got his start hosting the MTV dating game show Singled Out.


  • # of Facebook likes= 345,222
  • Facebook URL=
  • # of Twitter followers= 2.99M
  • # of Twitter users the celebrity follows: 793
  • # of Tweets= 38.4K
  • Date the celebrity/company joined Twitter= July 2008
  • Twitter username= @hardwick
  • Instagram Username=hardwick
  • # of Instagram followers= 1.4m
  • # of Instagram users the celebrity follows= 56
  • # of Instagram posts= 1,664


Facebook Analysis: 



When you go to Chris’ Facebook page, you can see instantly that he is into geek/nerd culture. The above picture is his Profile Picture and his cover image is a picture of him standing in the middle of a bunch of people wearing Batman ’66 masks.

In his About section, his lists his interests as being “salt and vinegar chips, lasers, and narcissism.” His contact information lists his email as, his web address as, and his twitter/Instagram account names (listed above). His affiliations are with Nerdist, Comedy Central, AMC, NBC, and the Rebel Alliance. Oddly, under the “about” tab it just says “It’s Official” whatever that means. Under “awards” it says “I have a f@#$%ing Emmy! Also my mom says I’m cool.” His gender is listed as Male and his occupation as Comedian.



His most popular recent timeline post is a post of a picture of a conversation between him and his wife, Lydia Hearst, with the caption “Just some sexting with the wife. Try not to get too turned on everyone! #NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender” which is a reference to the costume he is wearing from the movie Galaxy Quest. The post has 5.1K likes, has been shared 64 times and has over 130 comments. This seems to be more than usual for him which is normally around 2k likes, around 10 – 20 shares, and 100 or so comments. When it comes to commenting, Chris does not seem to really interact with his fans outside of his initial post.

Most of Chris’ posts contain pictures, but there are a few that contain videos, such as a live Q&A and behind the scenes, self-filmed videos from his shows. There are not really any posts that link to outside articles as most of the posts are either pictures or videos of Hardwick or promotions for his various shows.

The page also likes Facebook pages such as Nerdist, @midnight, WIRED magazine, Comedy Central, and the Walking Dead among many others.

The page seems to be a great way to keep up with Chris as he seems to post a lot of content in a very fun way. I think it is mostly Chris himself who posts on this Facebook but some of the post could absolutely be done by his publicist/management team. That being said, it would be nice if he responded to some of his followers but I totally understand why he rarely, if ever, does.


Twitter Analysis: 


The above image is Chris’ Twitter profile picture. Yes, that is actually what it looks like, the file did not get corrupted or anything like that. His banner image is a still from the credits of the movie Young Frankenstein which says “Starring Gene Wilder.”

Chris’ bio states that he is a “Stand-upper, Zombie, Therapist, Ball Dropper, Ravenclaw, @Nerdist inventor, and POINTS giver.” His location is listed as Lawss Angleez. It also has a link to his Instagram, shows that he has 1.06M Vine Loops and that he joined in 2008.

Chris tweets seem to be the same exact things that he posts on Facebook. The difference is that on Twitter, Chris is much more active. On Twitter, Chris is very active in replying to things that he tweets as well as responding to things that are tweeted at him. I think a large part of this is that his job hosting @midnight on Comedy Central is very Twitter-centric so he seems to spend most of his time using this social media platform. It is not unusual to be retweeted by Hardwick whereas on his Facebook profile he will not respond. This shows that he is obviously the person in control of his own Twitter account. When it comes to his Twitter, Chris seems to have it down to a science. There is not much here that can be improved upon.

Instagram Analysis:


To be honest, this is the most bare bones of all of Chris Hardwick’s social media accounts. His bio is simplyWatch Danger & Eggs cartoon goodness right now!” Everything that he posts on Instagram are the exact same things he posts on his other platforms, but there are actually less posts on this page than the others. A lot of posts that are on Twitter and Facebook do not show up on Instagram at all. He also does not seem to interact with anyone on this platform, much like his Facebook page. It is a very minimal Instagram profile and could use a bit more T.L.C. I have a feeling he does not really post on this platform and that of all of his social media sites, this is the one most likely run by his management/publicist.


Chris is obviously best at using his Twitter account. It seems that he uses this to promote his brand the most as well as interact with his fan-base the most. He does rarely interact on Facebook and he never seems to interact much on Instagram. Due to this, his Twitter is absolutely the most appealing site for him. This is where you actually have a chance to interact with the man and get the most information about his projects/stand-up tours. It seems the most relaxed out of the bunch and the most welcoming compared to his standard Facebook page and cold/bare Instagram page. So, I would say if you really want to engage with all that is Chris Hardwick, go to his Twitter page!


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