Connor Mcgregor

Connor McGregor is one of my all time favorite fighters and from his first fight in the UFC I knew he was going to be big. He is really one of the most cocky people In the world and has talked his way into fighting Money Mayweather from living in the basement of his girlfriends parents house less than 10 years ago. He has 5,908,502 followers likes on Facebook and most of his posts are shared off of Instagram. While he only follows 450, he has over 15 MILLION followers and 1153 posts. His most recent picture has over 1million likes. Connors twitter is all about him which is funny because he has a bigger ego than Kanye West. Like Instagram, he follows 500 people and has over 4.5 million followers. Connor started from the bottom and worked hard to achieve a career in the UFC. At one point in his life he was collecting welfare from the government. A buddy introduced him to MMA and fell in love with the sport. Today Connors net worth is over 35 million and is only going up. He is set to make atleast $50 Million in his upcoming fight against Mayweather and will be set for life. Could you imagine making that much money to dance around a boxing ring for a few rounds. No matter how the fight goes, even if he loses, he’s still winning big time. All of his social media names are @TheNotoriousMMA

His Facebook profile picture is him holding one of his UFC title belts and his headliner is a picture of him with his nickname “The Notorious”. All of his recent posts are of him promoting the upcoming fight between him and Mayweather. This fight is going to be the biggest fighting event in boxing history. He has a ton of comments on every post mostly positive but a few negative ones slip in once in a while. He does not respond to a lot of things just posts a lot. In his about me section, he has a short biography about his fighting career and all of his achievements. Today is actually his birthday. He is also the first Irish fighter to hold two consecutive belts in different divisions. his five recent posts he has anywhere from 50k to 200k likes and thousands of comments. Connor is 100% irish and hails from Dublin.

Connors twitter picture and headline is of him holding both of his UFC title belts and celebrating with the crowd. His bio reads, “Two division UFC World Champion. Two division Cage Warriors World Champion. Making history EVERYDAY!!”. He dosent retweet often, but when he does its usually an article or picture including him in the headline. He has just over 6,000 tweets and joined in 2011. Just like with Facebook, he does not communicate much at all on social media unless is is talking to a really big celebrity. All of his social media accounts seem to be linked because all of the same photos are on there but there is a few different ones on each platform.

Connor seems to like Instagram the most, having over 1,100 posts mostly all about himself per usual. He’s posted over 30 times in the last 5 days and isn’t slowing down with the posts. His bio contains his website and bio reads “The face of the fight game”. His most liked photos and videos are of him either knocking someone out, having one of his belts, or recently him and Floyd Mayweather.

I think Instagram is his best social media account simply because all he does is post photos and what better of a site to do it on than Instagram. I assume because he’s always busy and so famous he docent really communicate with fans but interacts with all of us by posting multiple times a day. Connor is a legend working his way from the streets to making millions in one fight and showed us all how fast life can turn around for someone. This fight with Mayweather is on pace to be the biggest fight in history and the price to see it is $90 which is a lot for a fight. most people are going to have parties and split the cost of the event. Like I said before, no matter who loses this fight both of them still win because they’re pocketing over 50 million. Both of them are most likely going to retire and never fight again.

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