Case study #3 Amory Willcox- Ariana Grande

I chose to analyze Ariana Grande’s social media presence because, as you might already know, I am obsessed with her. She is one of the most followed celebrities on the internet, her  instagram having 110 million followers while she follows a mere 1371 accounts. She has posted 3224 times on instagram, keeping her followers happy with content. Her Facebook page with 33.5 million likes and twitter account with 48.5 million followers are also popular. She joined twitter in april of 2009 and follows 65.7 million accounts.

Ariana Grande’s social media presence is dominated by instagram, by far. Her facebook is mostly an advertising platform. Most of her facebook posts are actually just links to her instagram posts. She also shares her music there. She posts previews of songs and music videos. She also has videos displaying her tour dates. Because Facebook pages can be geared toward businesses and now are individualized for the businesses needs, there is a tab called “tour dates” and another called “events.” Her Facebook is mostly advertisement, and not much artistic expression. I would say that her facebook is not very “good” because most of the content on it exists elsewhere as well. Mostly everything is reposted from instagram or youtube. There is no interaction from the page with her fans. All of the comments are amazingly positive, which is not surprising because she has the best fans. Many things could be improved on her page, one being making it a little more personal. It would be fun to see posts that followers knew were posted personally by her.

Ariana’s twitter presence is decent. I would say it is better than her facebook, but not as good as her instagram. Just like her Facebook page, it is mostly a display of her instagram posts. I’m sure her instagram is connected to both her instagram and facebook, and are set up in a way so that when she posts on instagram, they instantly get linked on her twitter and facebook. Ariana has a bit more of a personal presence on twitter, compared to facebook. She posts small messages like “i love you.” They are rare, but they get so many retweets and responses. Obviously twitter is a platform where audience interaction is quite easy. She doesn’t really respond to her fans, but I think everyone understands that, because she is so popular.

I assume Ariana’s instagram page is managed by both her and various managers. I guess this because she posts alot. It doesn’t surprise me that instagram is her most popular platform because she is so beautiful. Because instagram is so focused on pictures and things that are pleasing to the eye, Ariana Grande thrives here. In my opinion, (and the opinion of 110 million others), Ariana has a great instagram feed. Most of the posts are pictures or videos of her shows. She is currently on tour, singing her Dangerous Woman album. She also, on occasion, posts about human rights, and things like the Black Lives Matter campaign. Almost two months ago, there was a massive bombing at one of her concerts. The show was in Manchester, England, and less than two weeks later she was back in the city for a concert celebrating love and unity. Since the bombing, her social media posts have been a bit different. Before, they were all completely carefree, and if anything, a bit sassy. Since then, almost every picture has a caption that includes something about love. She has also posted in response to a recent judge ruling concerning the unfair taking of a black mans life. Immediately following the bombing, she posted a long, impressive response about her feelings and it was quite intimate. Another big draw to her in general, and something that she doesn’t hide on instagram is her support of same sex love and marriage. Her brother is gay, so this topic is quite close to her heart.

I’d say that Ariana’s “political” posts are a big attraction to her in general. I’m not even sure “political” is the correct word for what she stands for, because it is truly more just “basic human rights” she is fighting for. Those posts also make her page more personal. As a fan I can tell 100% that she personally posts those specific images and words, which is quite attractive. As a fan, I want to get as close as possible to knowing her personally. In this way, her instagram is quite successful.

I still have somehow not mentioned Ariana’s unbelievably good looks, which absolutely contributes to what makes her instagram so successful. Instagram is “superficial” simply because of how visual it is. She posts pictures not only of her on stage on her dangerous woman tour, but also simple selfies of her in bed. She also posts pictures of her doing “normal people things” like going out to dinner and hanging with her boyfriend. All of these posts make her that much more relatable and awesome.

Ariana’s instagram is awesome, and I believe it is a big part of her fame. Her beauty, political involvement, and chill, relatable posts all contribute to this fact. Also, knowing that the posts come directly from her is a very attractive to her fans. Her Facebook and twitter could be improved on, but I have a feeling she doesn’t need my advice, (lol). For now, I’ll continue to enjoy her instagram. She is my most “searched” account on instagram and I hope she keeps posting!



One thought on “Case study #3 Amory Willcox- Ariana Grande

  1. Ariana Grande is awesome. I’m not necessarily a fan of her music (I like it enough), I respect her character a lot for the reasons you listed. I also love her Dangerous Woman cameo in the Final Fantasy mobile game!


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