Miley Cyrus


I decided to do my case study on a celebrity I have been a fan of for a very long time, Miley Cyrus. As a child I loved Hannah Montana, and as she evolved from there I went with her. She is very inspiring to me because she is not afraid to be herself and stand up for what she believes in. On Facebook, her URL is and she currently has 46,176,746 likes, which is crazy. On Twitter, her user name is @MileyCyrus. She currently follows 372 accounts and has 34 million followers. She has tweeted 8,623 times since joining Twitter in March of 2011. Finally, on Instagram, her handle is @MileyCyrus. She follows 510 accounts and has 69.4 million followers, with 6,354 posts total.

The first platform I am going to evaluate is Facebook. Her profile has evolved over the years, and right now she has a pretty headshot as her profile picture. Her cover photo is promoting some of her new music, called “Inspired.” It shows her laying in the grass, which is appropriate because her image nowadays is of a nice country girl. She looks very innocent.

Miley does not have a lot of information in the “About” section of her Facebook profile. She has only listed her basic information, such as her music genre, hometown, record label, gender, and location. In the biography section, she only lists the bare-bones of what she does (“Singer, Songwriter, Philanthropist, Entertainer, Actress”) and promotes some of her new music. I think this is a good way to show her fans what she does without boring them with a long description.

Her most popular posts are definitely the posts promoting her new songs. She did get some good attention on some selfies and some memorial posts, but for sure what garnered the most was her new song “Malibu.” Most of her posts contain either a photo or video, which I like because they are engaging, and all seem like they are written by the singer herself. Also included on the page are links to her Vevo, Newsletter, Instagram, and Twitter. She has liked a few other pages on Facebook, but most of them are either foundations or big corporations. There is also a lot of audience interaction on her page. He acknowledges her fans in tribute videos and there are countless comments on all of her posts. Most of the comments are positive because she just gives out a positive vibe. I think most of the page is very well done. It is all her original content, and she posts regularly. The only way I think that it could be improved is if she were to reply to fan comments in the comment sections of her posts. That would seem more personal to me.

Miley has the same exact cover photo and profile picture on her Twitter as she does her Facebook, which is not surprising. In her “About” section, she keeps it short and sweet. She promotes her new music that is available on iTunes, and has a link to music streaming website Spotify. She also links the Twitter handle of her philanthropic foundation, Happy Hippie Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to help homeless LGBTQ youths. Finally, she has a link to her main website. Her most popular tweet is her pinned tweet, where she has a photo of herself and a link to her new song “Inspired.” Her tweets contain mostly photos, with the occasional video and sometimes just text, and are all written by her.

Miley always makes sure to acknowledge her fans, even though she does not directly respond to tweets. She tweets about her fans, though. People tweet at her all the time, because she has a huge fan base. She mostly retweets tweets that relate to her in some way, and all of her posts are positive and generally have an upbeat vibe to them.

On Instagram, Miley’s profile picture is the same at it is on both Twitter and Facebook. I like that it is consistent, but it would be nice to switch it up between platforms. In her bio, she promotes her new music “Malibu” and “Inspired.” I think promoting in this way is a good tactic for marketing because this way all of her fans know what she is doing and where to find her new music. Her most popular posts on this platform are generally selfies. She has a very cheery looking face, and her fans are very dedicated, so this does not surprise me. I also feel that in some way, Instagram was partly made for selfies so she is using it to her full advantage. The most popular videos are selfie videos as well, of her just doing her thing and being goofy. I think that most of her page is very well done, but as I said before, I think that it may be a good idea for her to switch up her profile and cover photos between platforms. It will keep people on their toes in my opinion. The audience also participates a lot by posting lots of comments on her photos and videos, but generally they are all very positive. She has a good fan base and calls them “Smilers,” which is a good indication of their disposition.

I think that Miley is most successful with interaction on her Instagram account. I feel like this is the platform where we get to see the most of what she is really like. We can see this on the other accounts too, but it shows the most on Instagram. She does not interact with fans directly on any of her accounts, but we still get to see what she is really like as a person. I also think that her Instagram is her most appealing account. I like how it is all visual and we really get a look into her life, whereas her other accounts have some different forms of media such as text-only posts. I think that Miley’s social media accounts are overall very well done.


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