Case Study # 3


The celebrity that I choose for this assignment is Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is a very talented and well-known actor in many popular movies such as DeadPool. He has all the popular social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. His Facebook username is Ryan Reynolds and Facebook account is Ryan is currently Following 3.4 million people on Facebook. While 3.5 million people Follow him back. He joined Twitter in November 2014 with the username @vancityreynolds. Here is his account:  On Twitter, he Follows 273 people. While 5.81 million people Follow him back. He has also Tweeted 869 times. Ryan’s Instagram username is vancityreynolds and his account is He is currently Following 52 people. While 12.8 million people Follow him back. Ryan has posted 232 pictures on Instagram. These are the only social media platforms that Ryan Reynolds have accounts with.



Facebook – Ryan Reynolds Facebook page consists of a profile picture of himself taken at a premiere for a movie or TV show. His cover picture is of him showing off a motorcycle to someone that could be one of his friends. The “ABOUT” tab has the following information:


Public Figure

Send Message link

Ryan post a variety of posts containing videos, pictures and articles. His most popular post is a picture of a child dressed in a Deadpool custom posing the same way Ryan does in the movie. In the same picture but just the bottom half his Ryan doing the same thing. This picture has 107K likes. Most of the posts are created by Ryan himself just like the most popular picture was.

While looking through his page I notice most of audience does participate in his posts. The comments are all positive. Since most people that like his page are huge fans of his. I believe has a celebrity he does an excellent job with is Facebook page.

Twitter – Ryan Reynolds Twitter profile picture consists of himself sitting on sitting smiling and looking off to the left just a bit. His cover photo is just a picture of him dressed as his most popular character Dead Pool. His bio just introducing himself in a short sentence. His two most popular tweets was a retweet and an original. The retweet was from Justin Trudeau who is the Prime Minster of Canada and the original one was him dressed as Deadpool.

Ryan’s Tweets are a mixture of pictures, videos, words and retweets. He tries to reply to any Tweets that are directed towards him.  The comments to these posts are always positive.

Instagram – Ryan’s profile picture for his Instagram is the same as his profile picture for his Twitter account.  His bio is quite simple “I can’t feel your legs.” The most popular photo is the same picture as the most popular on Facebook. This post got 970,878 likes.  His recent posts were very popular with positive comments as well.  I believe his Instagram is very well presented and maintained.


Through my analysis of all three of Ryan Reynolds social media accounts, I have determined that his Instagram account is the most successful.  I believe this because of the way it is presented. The account is updated with the most appealing photos. I also believe that as a celebrity he has one the best appropriate, refreshing social media platforms out there.

Ryan reynolds family


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