Case Study #3 – Travis Scott

Jacques Webster Jr. or better known for his stage name Travis Scott is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from Houston, Texas. Travis Scott signed his first major-label deal with Epic records in 2012 and followed that up by signing with Kanye Wests’ GOOD Music label to be apart of Wests’ production team. Travis Scott is mainly known for his work with A-List rappers such as Kanye West, Big Sean, DJ Khaled, Quavo, and many more. His single “Antidote” reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015.

  • Facebook URL:
  • # of Facebook likes: 1.1 million
  • # of Twitter followers: 1.6 million 
  • # of Twitter users the celebrity follows: 776
  • # of Tweets: 432 
  • Twitter username: trvisXX
  • # of Instagram posts: 2,508
  • # of Instagram followers: 5 million 

Facebook Analysis: 

On Travis Scotts Facebook page the first thing we notice are his high quality photos he uses for his profile and cover photos. The cover photo is the cover of his latest album “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight” which dropped in 2016, an obvious sign of promotion for his album. 

We also see content related to his music videos which he has already released and other photos from his wild concerts. There are also links to his website and where you could buy his music. We can also see more information related to his upcoming shows, the latest is a show with 2 Chainz in Buffalo, NY. He posts many flyers for his upcoming shows on his Facebook page which attract a lot of attention. The posts, I assume are done by his social media team and not Travis Scott himself. Under the about tab we see where he’s from, the label he’s signed to, the genre of his music, and more links to his music. In the comments under his posts you can see how excited fans are to see Travis Scott going to a city near them.
Twitter Analysis:

For Travis’s twitter profile we can see that his banner is the same as his Facebooks, the album cover for his latest album. His profile picture features an action figure resembling Travis which was also used for the album cover of his first studio album titled “Rodeo”. 

We can see that Travis likes to retweet fans that buy into his music. He also has a pinned tweet that is a link to his music video titled “goosebumps”. His retweets are almost always music related and are shed in a positive manner. We can also see more links in Travis’s bio urging his fans to go out and buy his music. Travis likes to tweet out links to his music videos, tweets to lucky fans, pictures of him whether it’s a photoshoot or just a picture of him at one of his concerts. Though not all of his tweets are spelled correctly his fans are very interactive on twitter and constantly show support for the Houston native. I have good reason to believe that Travis is the actually the guy behind the twitter account because of his carelessness for punctuation and grammar, that’s just the kind of guy Travis Scott is though. 

Instagram Analysis:
On Travis Scotts Instagram profile we can see his profile picture is of him in action figure form once again like we saw on his twitter account. We also see more links to Apple Music where you can buy his music. You also get more information about to who exactly his is working for with “Cactus Jack Records” in his bio.

Travis’s photos range from the things he’s buying to the places he’s touring and everything in-between. He receives hundreds of thousands of likes on all of his photos so it’s hard to pick which ones are his most successful because they simply all are, that’s how big his folllwing is. My advice to him would be to keep doing what he’s doing as far as social media goes because he garnishes a lot of attention via Instagram. We can see his fans interact a lot as well with thousands of comments under every single one of his photos, with comments showing support flooding in daily. It’s hard to spot out any hate towards him with all the comments being mainly supportive which is how every artist would like to be perceived. I believe with his Instagram account, Travis as well as his social media team take turns posting content because some posts are neatly created while others show that same lack of grammar and punctuation like we saw on his twitter account. 

It’s no surprise that Travis Scotts most popular social media platform is Instagram where he sports a whopping 5 million followers, 4 million more than his Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is due to the fact that he posts much more frequently on Instagram with 2,500 posts thus far which is significantly more posts than his twitter and Facebook accounts. He posts pictures of his everyday life and what he gets into on a daily basis which is what his fans want to see, Travis is killing the Instagram game and shows no signs of slowing down, and with more music on the way we can expect more shows and more followers. Keep doing you Travis. 


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