Case Study #3 (Live Aquaria)

A pair of Clownfish I bought on Live Aquaria

Live Aquaria is a company that allows you to purchase fish and have them shipped overnight to your doorstep. There are a few different websites that offer a similar service but there’s a couple of things that make Live Aquaria stand out. Firstly, they have an “arrive alive, stay alive” guarantee that allows you to buy a fish without having to worry about losing your money if it doesn’t ship well. If the fish arrives dead, or dies, within 14 days you get your money back. Something that most other competing sites don’t offer. If you’re lucky, you’d get your money back if a fish is dead on arrival. After you open the bag, it’s your loss. But not with Live Aquaria. The other thing that makes them unique is the “Diver’s Den” which is especially unique because the picture of the fish that you see on the website is exactly the fish that you will receive if you buy it. Most websites offer representative photos and you likely end up with a fish that is less than ideal. These two services are what makes Live Aquaria special, so, if I was running their social media program I would focus on those two areas. So, let’s see how they do.


A Discus that I bought on Live Aquaria

The company’s Facebook page is by far and away it’s best social media network. They have over 100,000 likes and a 4.2 out of 5 star rating out of over 500 reviews. The one thing right off the bat I would change is the banner. The cover photo on Facebook is of a random fish, I would instead use this space to advertise the “arrive, alive. stay alive” guarantee. Other than that, everything is spot on. The company not only interacts with it’s customers but they even share videos that people post of the new fish that they purchase. This is a great way to build a relationship with current clients and to encourage new clients to make a purchase. The other good thing that they do on Facebook is every evening they share a picture of one of the WYISYG fish from the day’s upcoming Diver’s Den selection with a description of what the fish are, why you should buy them and a link to visit the Diver’s Den to get more information and see all of their other fish for sale.

Twitter & Instagram:

I’m going to lump both Twitter and Instagram together because they do a very poor job with both of these networks. Instagram is especially bad. They have nearly 13k likes on the network and it certainly is an afterthought for their marketing department. They post a picture every night of the Diver’s Den specimen that is highlighted on Facebook, however, the description is almost non-existent and there is no link to buy the fish or even mentioning that the fish is for sale. It seems to me that the potential to share stunning pictures of specimens that the viewer could buy immediately is totally wasted. If I were in-charge of the company’s marketing I would do a similar thing that they do on Facebook as well as holding contests to showcase fish that customers have previously  purchased. Now, onto Twitter. They have 8.4k followers on Twitter, it’s used a little bit better than Instagram but not nearly as well as Facebook. They have one pinned video about why to choose Live Aquaria which is good but other than that, it’s just a feed generated from Facebook it looks like. The picture of the featured Diver’s Den specimen is posted along with a very brief description and a link. The only reason that it’s better than Instagram is because of the link. I would use Twitter as a way for fans to ask questions and get them answered more and continue sharing the featured fish of the day. I would also take advantage of polls and possibly get people’s opinions on which fish they want to see become available for sale first and why.


Overall, I think that Live Aquaria is a great company and their Facebook page backs that up. They put a lot of effort into it and it shows, nearly 10 times the followers than their other social networks. With a few simple changes, I think that it’d be quite easy for Live Aquaria to boost their sales as well as customer satisfaction by more effectively using both Instagram and Twitter.


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