Case Study #3: David Gray

David Gray is an English singer-songwriter. Gray started his career in 1992, released his first studio albums in 1993 and 1994, and finally gained worldwide recognition in 2000 after the release of his fourth album and my favorite, White Ladder.

David was born on June 13, 1968 in Sale, Trafford, England, United Kingdom. His genres include Rock, folk rock, folktronica and his instruments include vocals, guitar, piano & keyboards, and harmonica. Gray has signed with the folowing labels Hut, IHT (founded and owned by Gray),  Polydor, MapleMusic Recordings (Canada), Kobalt[2].


  • Facebook:
  • 441,345 Likes on Facebook
  • Twitter: @DavidGray
  • 223 thousand followers on Twitter / Following 47 Twitter users
  • 1,870 Tweets
  • Joined Twitter in March 2009
  • Instagram: davidgray
  • 20.1 thousand followers on Instagram / Not following any Instagram users
  • 938 Instagram posts


David Gray FB

David Grays Facebook page is full of content related to his concerts, public announcements regarding new releases and upcoming tours, worldwide performances, and numerous videos and photos he takes while on tour. Most of his posts include a picture or video and Gray allows his fans to get a nice glimpse of behind the scene footage by sharing pre-show dressing room clips and walk to stage videos.

It appears that Gray is in full control of his Facebook posts and utilizes it to stay engaged with his fan base. One of his videos includes a tribute to his fans on the last day of a tour. His “notes” section is a nice compilation of post concert thoughts and photo’s he captures of the area he’s touring in. From my perspective, he takes great shots. His five most recent posts relate to his upcoming tour which he is co-headlining with Alison Krauss. Comments vary in subject/tone but relate mostly to concerns about ticket pre-orders, complaints from fans regarding his choice of concert venue locations and shouts of joy for those that were lucky enough to purchase tickets. I was one of them!

The “about” tab provides a nice biography regarding his journey in writing songs for his 10th album Multineers which Gray described as a painful process but was quoted as saying “I think if you’re going forward with an open heart, good things will happen,” says David. “You have to sort of tear up the past and let it go.” Sounds like he did, take a listen:


David Gray TwitterDavid Gray joined Twitter in March, 2009. His Twitter profile and banner pictures are the same as his Facebook account. His posts are the same as his Facebook content which is a combination of tour dates, and photos either he or someone else has taken of him at various concert venues and other locations. I didn’t notice a lot of fan interaction but many people “like” or “share” his posts and some post comments, mostly positive. Based on the way the tweets are written, I would say David Gray and his publicist control his Twitter account. Posts announcing concert dates seem to be written by a manager or publicist but others seem to come right from his heart like the tweet about his Grandmother, Olive Robinson posted on January 31st, 2017 (what would have been his Grandmothers 100th Birthday.) The tweet promoted the release of his new songs honoring Olive,  “All My Last Things” and “An Eclipse”

Overall, I think his page is simple and easy to follow, but it would be much more interesting if Gray were more interactive with his fan base.


David Gray Instagram

David Gray has been active on Instagram since June, 2012. His profile picture appears to be a selfie of his shadow and his bio includes his name, number of posts, followers and those he is following. Gray uses the space directly below that section to promote:

David Gray “The Best Of David Gray” out now.

Grays most popular photos include a selfie taken in front of street art/grafitti on May 23rd with the caption “After a weird night of bad dreams a beautiful crowd tonight in Ann Arbor. Thank you for hauling me up from the all engulfing darkness. Thoughts fly back to Manchester. Sickening.” Posted one day following the Manchester attack. That photo captured 2134 likes and 46 comments. “Cheers Oslo, without a doubt my favourite gig in Norway so far.” came in second with 2,207 likes and 71 comments. The photo is another selfie of Gray but in this one he’s clutching a Heineken. Grays most popular video captured 3,367 likes and 25 comments and is titled “Life In Snow Motion” The video is of a motorized snow man tipping his hat.

Appears to be related to this DG song “Life in Slow Motion:

From my perspective Grays Instagram account is in great shape. It’s full of high quality pictures that capture your eye and draw you in with intriguing captions. The only area that needs improvement is with audience engagement and for him to start following others.


David Gray is most active and interactive with his fan base on Facebook. Gray is quick to respond to complaints and attempts to keep his followers up to date with his tour schedules. However, I find his Instagram account to be more appealing because of the number of personal photo’s he has shared.

For more information about David Gray, check out:



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