Thomas Luther Bryan

LUKEBRYANThomas Luther Bryan is best known as Luke Bryan. He is a 40 year old country singing sensation! Be began his career in the early 2000’s with his first album Spring Break. Since then he has released five more albums, picking up quite the fan base. With singles such as Country Girl, Kick the Dust Up, and Play it Again. He is a family oriented man with the goal to make music and spread happiness around like confetti.


  • URL:
  • 8,702,579 Likes on Facebook
  • Instagram: lukebryan
  • 3.7 Million followers on Instagram
  • 612 Instagram posts
  • Twitter: @LukeBryanOnline
  • 9,085,372 followers on Twitter
  • 3,946 Tweets
  • Joined Twitter in October of 2008


LukeBryan_HFE_FBYoastLuke’s Facebook page contains many posts about topics such as concert tours, merchandise, concert images, special announcements, and even his own personal images and videos. You can see that the majority of the posts are made by him and he even sponsors people like Chevy on his Facebook page.

His profile image is a professional photograph of himself showing off those pearly white teeth. He is wearing a grey V-neck t-shirt with a jean jacket and some blue jeans. very causally dressed. He looks as though he is back stage at one of his concerts. His cover photo is an advertisement for his latest concert, Hunting, Fishing, Loving Every Day. Luke Bryan looks like he his on stage in a casual t-shirt and a backwards hat off to the left if the advertisement.

Luke Bryan’s Facebook has multiple tabs across the top to get you to different sections of his page. The home link shows you everything post-wise. The about link tells you his genre of music, home town, record label and even his biography! The events link shows you his concert yours. The photo and video links have all his images and home videos as well as professional ones. He has a shop link for merchandise and a community link to show you all his likes and followers. He has a lot to offer on his Facebook!


LukeLuke Bryan has an Instagram with 3.7 million people following him. His first post was from April 8th, 2013. He has a total of 612 posts and most are family oriented. his profile picture is another professional photo of himself in a casual grey t-shirt. The usual for him. His bio only contains his current tour, which automatically links you to a page to buy tickets. (I’ve seen him in concert three times).

Most of his posts are about his family. Whether is be his wife and kids of the dog. He also posts concert pictures, videos of him talking to his fans, and advertisements for his tours. His audience is very nice and supportive! You rarely see negative or mean comments on his social media accounts. Luke gets most of his likes on his personal posts.


Luke Bryan joined the twitter world back in 2008. His profile picture this time is juts a man and his son dressed in camo, fishing on a rock. The banner is the same as his Facebook cover photo, advertising for his Hunting, Fishing, Loving Every Day tour. The bio consists of the music album that is currently available and his home town. Very generic.

Mr. Bryan is a fan of his own fans. He re-tweets their tweets as well as sharing videos and photos in relation to him and his music. He does contests on twitter page and like all his other social medias he is open about his personal life. He sponsors Chevy on all his social medias and you can tell that he makes the tweets. He tweets at his friends, family, and other celebrities but very rarely will you catch him tweeting at a fan. All his posts are positive and most made about him are too!


Overall, Luke Bryan is very connected to the outside world. He shares everything with his fans and stays connected as well as anyone can. I think he should put more into his bio on each social media because they are all very generic and simple but other than that, he gets a lot across to his fans and family in each post.


Take a loot at this and visit the site below!




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