The GOAT: Tom Brady


Tom Brady is considered by many as the greatest football player of all time, and he certainly has the resume to back it up. He has the most Super Bowl wins by any with 5, he has the most regular season and post season wins by any quarterback, and led the hands down greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. These are just a very small sample of his lifetime accomplishments. Tom Brady makes sure to not only include his love and fame for football in his social media, but also his family, teammates, companies that sponsor him, and his love for fitness and healthy living.


  • Number of Facebook likes: 4,412,095
  • Facebook URL:
  • Instagram username: tombrady
  • Number of Instagram followers: 2.5 million
  • Number of people he follows on Instagram: 72

Facebook Analysis:

tom brady facebook profile pic

When you look at Tom Brady’s Facebook page the first thing that you notice is he is a NFL quarterback. Of course anyone visiting this page already knows that, but his profile and cover pictures show that he is a competitor and that is what he is most known for. His profile picture, as shown above, is a fierce a picture of him showing that he loves to compete and knows no quit. To go along with this, all he has under his about page is his birthday, that he is an athlete, a link to his profile, and a list of his career football milestones. Showing that his social media is first and foremost about Tom Brady the quarterback.

However, Tom not only uses Facebook for football, but to cover all aspects of his life. Especially since right now it is the NFL offseason, Tom has included many videos and pictures of what he does outside of football and time he spends with his family. For example, one of his most popular recent posts is of his mother, where he posted a picture of her for her birthday and said he was the luckiest son in the world. Tom also posts many different photos of his wife, Gisele Buendchen, and his children. He post many videos or photos of him playing with his kids giving the world a small glimpse into the unknown hat is Tom Brady’s personal life. These photos are more recent though as Tom Brady for a long time wasn’t very active and didn’t like to display his personal life. He also just barely created his Instagram account in the last year.

Tom also uses his Facebook account to promote the brands he is apart of. He recently went to Asia on a trip promoting Under Armour and posted many pictures of himself enjoying the Chinese and Japanese culture he was introduced. He also recently posted a picture promoting Under Armour’s sleepwear, their newest line of clothing. Tom not only helps promote other businesses, but he also uses social media to promote his own TB12 brand. His most recent post is a look into the new book that he will be publishing that he wrote about how he has stayed in such great physical shape, and the diet and tricks he uses to get there.

Instagram Analysis:

instagram profile pic

Tom’s Instagram is fairly new, since he joined as recently as January of this year. However, he already has 124 posts, showing that he is keeping his following very satisfied. His profile picture is again a picture of himself in his football jersey, but it is a much more handsome and less intense picture than the one he uses for his Facebook profile. He doesn’t have a bio in his profile, most likely because that is self explanatory, but he does have a link to Amazon to buy his new book. This is another example of how he promotes the TB12 brand and healthy living and eating.

I don’t know anything to improve on because Tom is a master at social media. He puts up very amusing and funny videos, successfully promotes Under Armour, Beauty Sleep and TB12 all while be able to show his successful family life and love for football. His Instagram is very entertaining, and it is exampled by the many likes each of his posts get followed by the many comments his fans leave for him.


Tom Brady is very effective at using social media to connect with his fans. All of his posts have a ton of likes and comments, mostly due to the high profile celebrity that being one of the greatest NFL players of all time brings. However, Tom does not usually interact with fans much like some celebrities. He uses his social media to give his fans a look into his personal life, and the goofy videos and commercial he makes, but he doesn’t respond too many people that aren’t a close personal friend or family. This is easily exampled by him only following 72 followers on Instagram. Showing that he only really uses that account to share with others and not much to see anything, other than the pictures of his closest companions. Personally, I feel that Tom Brady’s Instagram account is more appealing. Both of his social media’s are very fun to look at because of his humor, and goofy videos, however I find his social media more inticing. This could just be a preference, as I prefer to look at pictures then read. Tom joined Instagram on January 2017 and already has 124 posts. Meaning he is keeping his large number of 2.5 million followers very entertained.

You can follow Tom at:

Facebook –

Instagram –


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