(Trying) to Keep up with the Kardashians Case Study #3

When it comes to Keeping up with the Kardashian Family, it feels sort of like a carnival ride. There’s up’s and plenty of downs, but also many in between. Not only is it hard to keep up with all the family drama and emotions, but it can also be hard to keep up with each sibling. When it comes to social media, the Kardashian Family has been known to have their fair share of ruling the web empire.


What started out as a reality TV show & personality, has grown to much bigger extremes over the past few years. For Khloe Kardashian, she has gained multi-media spotlight ever since she and her sisters starred in the hit show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. (If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere far away since 2007, you should check out an episode or two by clicking on the title above). Check out the Season 13 KUWTK trailer HERE!

Khloe Kardashian has had a pretty positive social media presence even after all the miserable and tough times life has thrown her way. On Facebook, Khloe has been promoting her new designer Jean company, Good American and really promoting healthy life styles, food, and workout routines. She seems to interact and post things very regularly on Facebook, making it known that she is still out int he public eye and doing what she does best. As a business woman, Kardashian seems to be using her Facebook account as a way to promote her designer jean business and her workout routines. This positive image of herself has obviously been catching the eye of people all around the world, which has given her roughly 18 million likes and followers on her Facebook account. Most of the posts that are shared and written on Kardashians’ wall contain either picture or videos. More than half of the posts also contain a link that brings you to a work out or exercise program. her profile picture is a picture of her, maybe from a photo shoot or modeling gig. It looks professional, her hair is done and makeup looks great, and it’s not a full body shot. It is pretty much from the shoulder up, and seems very casual. Her cover photo includes the Keeping up with the Kardashian logo from their hit TV show on E! Network. In her about me page, it is very vague and does not include much information about her. It just states her birthday, and two links. One link brings you directly to her app to download it onto your phone, and the other brings you to her twitter account. In all, her Facebook profile seems to be the social media account that she is most distant on and shares more information regarding her line of designer clothing or links to check out other pages and programs, This page seems to me like it is more goal-oriented and has a stronger business meaning than a personal Facebook page. I think she does a very good job of keeping this account very professional and business-oriented, so people can actually go on here and check out some of the stuff that she posts. Most celebrities tend to drown their Facebook in personal pictures and stuff about them, but not in Khloe’s Case! Check out Khloe’s Facebook page HERE.

Khloe’s Twitter account is also very active, with 55.1 thousand tweets since April of 2009, and gaining 24.1 million followers since. She only follows a small amount of people in her Twitter world, including close family and friends, celebrities and some health-oriented accounts. In her Bio, she is promoting her personal app to download like seen on her Facebook page, and she has 2,916 photos and videos. Her most popular tweets are those that include some type of media whether it is a picture or video of her or her friends. On this account, Khloe seems to get more personal, sharing pictures and videos of her family, including her nieces and nephews from sisters Kourtney & Kim. It is also filled with pictures of vacations and family gatherings, birthday parties and events she attends or is in support of. The tweets on Khloe’s page look like they have been written by her or maybe an assistant, because more than half of her tweets are directly from her. She only seems to retweet something if it is important in some form to her or has been posted by someone close to her. When it comes to interactions from others like her fans and audience, she gets an overwhelming number of likes and retweets. Kardashian has a low amount of likes, only liking 109 other tweets or posts. Most retweets are those that include tutorials on her hair or makeup styles, hosting tips and food recipes. I think for Twitter, her account is a great example of a positive person who has proven success and power both in her personal and business life. As many know, the Kardashian family has overcome extreme obstacles in the past few years and they have sort of stepped back and taken a chill pill when it comes to social media. If there was one thing Kardashian could do better on Twitter, I think it would be interacting back with her fans. Her fans and supporters seem to really love what she’s posting and ask so many questions regarding the posts. Granted she’s a celebrity and extremely busy and told not to talk back, once in a while it would be really neat so see her interact with the fans on a post. Check Khloe’s Twitter account out HERE, and if you’re looking for some awesome tips on hosting parties or events, this is the place to look!

Last but not least, Khloe Kardashian has also blessed the world with her account on Instagram. Her Twitter and Instagram account are very similar in many ways, in my opinion. When it comes to the posts, Khloe shares much more personal information and pictures on her Instagram account as well. Her posts include more about her relationship with her now boyfriend, and also her family including her sisters, nieces and nephews. On Instagram, Kardashian has posted 3,118 times, and has gather 68.4 million followers on this account. Her Instagram account seems to be the most popular of the three, and includes her snapchat username and also like the others, a link to download her personal app. She doesn’t follow many people or accounts on Instagram, only following a slight 156. This account seems to be the place where Khloe mixes fashion, business, health and personality all in one. This isn’t an account made for business or personal posts, it’s a place where she posts stuff near and dear to her heart and also things that she supports in order to gain the attention. When I say attention, I mean it in a positive way too. Khloe Kardashian has found many ways through Instagram to offer her supports in wake of tragedies that have struck all over the world and in the U.S., and she tries to give back to those in need.  She has an abundant amount of posts that promote the work done by people she is close with, her personal stylists and also her sisters’ fashion and beauty lines. Khloe seems to be the sister who offers all the support in the world, whether she is on good or bad terms with the person! I think the best thing Khloe has done on her Instagram account is to incorporate all these different aspects of her life into one. The page feels more relaxed, real and personal. When celebrities post such personal things, people tend to interact more because they can relate on so many different levels. She gets so much interaction on this account from all of her fans who are in support of he for her postings. I think Khloe has done all the right things when it comes to her social media accounts, and I think her Instagram is by far the best. I really wouldn’t change a thing about this page! Check out her really cool Insta HERE , and I promise you will not regret it!

As a whole, I think Khloe Kardashian has portrayed such a positive image for herself when it comes to her personal and business life. Many have so many opinions on the Kardashian Family, but I believe Khloe has worked her butt off to live the life she deserves after the heartbreak, weight-shaming and business efforts she has endured. She has continued to be successful, and continues to support not only herself but others on the social media platforms she is a part of. Her Instagram account is by far the best, and I really encourage everyone to check it out. There really is something for everything on there! Her pictures are interesting and always sporting new looks, and she’s always including information about her closest friends and family. She seems to interact most with her fans and supporters on this account, so if you’re looking for some new fashion and party tips, this is the place to be! If your really trying to keep up with these Kardashians, follow Khloe & her crazy, but super exciting lifestyle by following her Instagram account. You will get to see everything from little North West and Penelope Disick to Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. If your looking for some inspiration, pick up her book Strong looks better Naked at your local book store! I promise she does not disappoint!! And if her weight loss advice and workout pictures on Insta don’t make you want to read more about her, then maybe your checking out the wrong page!





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