My Favorite NFL Team

My favorite team may not be the greatest at this moment, but there was a time in football history where they were considered unstoppable. They had one of the first dynasties in football history going to 10 straight championships (1946-1955) and winning 7 of them. Led by Paul Brown one of the most innovative coaches in football history and Otto Graham a superior quarterback for that time. Jim Brown, a hall of fame fullback is still considered one of the best players in history and changed the run game forever. Jim racked up over 130 touchdowns in his career.

Believe it or not but Bill Belichick was actually there head coach from 1991-1995 taking the Browns to there last playoff game before relocating to Baltimore in 1996. Since there return to the NFL, The Browns have been the laughing stock of the league and this past season they finally had enough and put a whole new system into place.

The Browns fired most of there front office and hired head coach Hue Jackson and analytics genius Paul Depodesta. You may know Depodesta from the movie Moneyball who was played by Jonah Hill. Like the Boston Celtics, the Browns are making splashes in the NFL Draft and next year have 5 picks in the first two rounds of the draft. This past season the Patriots traded LB Jamie Collins to the browns for only a 3rd round draft pick. In March, the Browns have made the first ever “Basketball” like trade by a salary dump trade. The Houston Texans owed Brock Oswiler $16 million dollars and instead of paying him a huge contract they traded him (Browns pay his contract off), a 2018 2nd round draft pick, and a 2017 6th round pick to the Browns for just a 4th round draft pick.

The Browns this past offseason have signed some really big talent including CB Jason McCourty, DB Calvin Pryor, WR Kenny Britt,  OL J.C. Tretter, and OL Kevin Zeitler. in The first round of the NFL Draft they drafted Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, and David Njoku. Three solid players that will help get The Browns back on track after such a long downfall.

jamie collins




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