Case Study #2

The blog I chose to examine is “Cooking with Amy.” The author of the blog is named Amy Sherman. She has 3 blogs but the blog I’m currently examining has existed since 2003. The blog mostly covers food, but their are posts about reviews for books, products, movies and restaurants. As well as news and travel. The web address is She runs her blog through blogspot oppose to her own domain. The picture at the top of the website is the header Cooking with Amy and has a picture of vegetables with a paper clip that leads to links for her recipes, reviews, news and travel. Next to Cooking with Amy the title reads, food blog: read it and eat it. Above the header are links to home, about, awards and press then contact. With one picture of herself in the kitchen, Amy has multiple sentences detailing the accomplishments of her blog. She states her roles as author, writer, and recipe developer. Shortly after it launched it became recognized as a top food blog by Forbes receiving over 4 million views. She’s written as a culinary traveler and has contributed to many blogs. She also states she’s a professional freelancer. As a blogger through blogspot, she also has a separate bio on her profile itself. Here she states that she’s a writer, and recipe developer. She tells the audience that her parents were talented cooks and that she’s self taught. The background color is the blog is yellow and on the right side has small links to her social medias. These are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, and Google plus. Below that is a link to her book and monthly news letter. She also includes her favorite food sites, her favorite food cities as well as favorite food writers and chefs. Her most popular posts are food reviews, restaurant reviews, new product reviews and original recipes that she posts. On the side she also has links to other recipes and blogs that she’s written for as well. Audience interactions are almost little to none on most posts that I’ve been looking at over the course of the last year. Most of her review posts garner no comments which I happen to find personally odd because you think people would want to interact and ask questions about new products especially with food. Her recipes appear to get anywhere from 3-7 comments with users chiming in about wanting to try a certain recipe of hers. One exception to this was a salmon recipe she posted last august that collected 22 comments with users describing what they loved about salmon and their personal stories tied and attached to it, which I find is the personal touch and bond that comes with food, people of all ages and backgrounds connecting over ingredients and recipes. The other exception to her low comment count is for giveaways. The multiple giveaway posts I’ve viewed on her blog in the past year have anywhere from 20-35 comments because in order to participate in the giveaway you need to comment under the post in which readers are asked a question that needs to be answered there. Unfortunately this seems to be the height on her online engagement. Since audience engagement seemed low on the blog, I checked her social media accounts to get a better understanding of her online presence. Her twitter seems to be pretty active with over 20,000 tweets and followers which impressed me. Most of her tweets are links to her blog posts with some of non related re tweets. Her Facebook is a personal one oppose to a blog one chronicling her everyday life with some blog posts but not too many. Sharing buttons are also included on each post however, those numbers look similar to post comments. In conclusion, what the blog does extremely well is lay out amazing recipes that require talent. They are creative, as well as practical. You can definitely see the experience and skill in all her published recipes. Another thing that is well done is the currency of the blog which I find impressive because this blog has existed since 2003. (17 years!) it’s still regularly updated and has not been forgotten about. However, I feel there are a lot of areas that could be improved. My biggest concern about the blog is the layout. Starting with the posts, you have to keep pressing back buttons to get to past pages and posts. I feel that since this blog has existed since 2003, that each year should have its own collection of posts which I have yet to see. It’s lacking in organization. I also feel as though the general layout is flawed as well. The design isn’t inviting and doesn’t make the blog look personable as well. Generally, this blog lacks personality. The whole blog is more professional oppose to personal, and other than professional achievements, Amy didn’t give much information about herself either which also initially surprised me. I don’t think the blogger necessarily encourages readers but her blog is effective with good recipes.


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