Case Study #2

images   Steven Kubitza is a blogger for the Cleveland Browns and posts on DPD or I Clicked on one of his blog links and as soon as I clicked on it a few video adds popped up on the side and I turned my volume completely off. As I was reading the article, the title and header stood out in big bold letters and his twitter handle appears next to his name. Also next to his name there’s signs that say tweet and share article. Scrolling down I noticed a few picture and video links about his articles. His about me section is really short and doesn’t give much information other than his name. a few of his posts have comments but no real conversation’s going on in them. One positive thing I have to say is how well the website is set up. It is really easy for me to navigate throughout the site and search certain stories. They even have the team store on there search bar. There menus are super simple to navigate and can see everything from the team schedule to there most recent draft articles. On the main page there isn’t nearly as many ads than in the articles but there’s one right in the middle of the screen. They even have a mobile app that looks really good and like the website easy to navigate. I was never big into blogging but this one seems pretty good besides for the add placement. What’s cool is they have there own podcast and update it regularly. The Footer of each article includes other new stories from them and if you keep scrolling down will automatically skip to the next story. There’s definitely some improvement this blog could improve on but its also doing some things right. I love that’s its super easy to navigate and I can search for articles easy. What’s also neat is how there’s a link for the team store and this years upcoming schedule. What’s not so neat is all the room used for add space and the adds that start playing at full volume. I don’t think the blog is too popular because the writers all only have a few hundred followers and they don’t get too many comments even on the most popular posts unless a more popular blog re posted it and gave them the website traffic. I do like the detail the articles get into and I may even subscribe to them closer to when football season officially starts.


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