Case Study#2


Meet the Parkers is a blog about the Parker family written by the mother Elizabeth Parker. It chronicles the families journey as they raise their two sons Ezra and Judah. Ezra has a rare multiple system disease called Noonan Syndrome. Elizabeth updates on a regular bias on Ezra health and progress.


The blogs layout is very beautifully done. It includes a header with the name of the blog “Meet the Parker’s” along with a little saying “Peace like a river, love like a ocean, joy like a fountain.” The header also includes Elizabeth’s Twitter handle and website.

The flow continues with it broken down into the sections starting with “ABOUT.” This section consists of how Elizabeth found herself documenting her family’s journey.  Second section “MEET JUDAH” is about her oldest son. This section includes pictures of every month and year of his life. Third section “MEET EZRA” is about her second son and his health journey from birth to today. “NOONAN SYNDROME” is the last sections and it is a summary of the multiple system rare disease.

On the side of each page are links to The Noonan Syndrome Foundation page along with several other helpful links related to the disease. Through out the blog links to other social media outlets related to the author. Below the links are all the years of past posts. It goes all the way back to 2010 to about a few months ago.

The audience to this blog are mostly friends and family. Some of the readers are families that are going through the same situations. People comments are always on the positive and up lifting side of things As a young adult with Noonan Syndrome, I wish my parents had something like this blog as I was growing up.


During my analysis of this blog I found it quite well done. This was a blog about a families journey through the good times and bad. They are documenting this time in their lives very beautifully.


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