Case Study #2 – Blog Analysis

Today, I am analyzing a blog titled, “Slightly Astray – an honest look at life on the road.” The author of the blog is a girl named Anna, and her blog’s topic is about traveling around the world. Anna’s blog’s web address is


The layout of Anna’s blog has an organized feel to it, with a simple, minimal color palette of white, black and green. The header has the blog’s name written in simple, black sans-serif font, with the words, “Slightly Astray” written in capital letters in a line above the rest of the title. Anna’s introduction and information about herself is set up as an aligned column on the right side of the blog’s page, and it is there on some of her blog’s pages. The menu is set up as a horizontal line below the title.


Overall, the content of Anna’ blog are her posts detailing her many different adventures in the countries and places she has traveled to. Not every single one of Anna’s posts receive so many comments – a few of her pages that I have seen have no comments on them at all. But I find the generally-most commented on part of her blog is the articles in her “Destinations” section. Anna’s posts contain several photographs – that she takes herself – of her surroundings, the people she is with, and herself as well. Videos, however, are not in her posts. Anna’s blog posts’ titles are overall consistent in terms of brevity – I like how Anna does not make her titles too long in order to get her topic across. While Anna’s titles effectively “promise what they are going to deliver” (Handley), I think in order to make the titles more compelling, Anna could try “placing her reader directly into the headline” (Handley). While it is fun to read about Anna’s travels, I think if she titled her posts something along the lines of, “Travel in _____ with me!” or “Put your binoculars on and look around with me,” it might add more excitement. Of course, readers cannot physically automatically be wherever Anna is, but putting the reader in the headline can add a fun “spin,” so it does not feel as much like you are simply listening to Anna talking about what she did. Sometimes it is fun to imagine like you are there, as opposed to just another person telling you about his or her trip. On Anna’s “About Me” page, she discusses how she transitioned from her job as an engineer to being a full-time traveler with a boy (who ended up leaving her alone), and how she continues to enjoy traveling today. Upon analyzation of Anna’s “About Me” page, she does a good job of telling her story and beliefs in a concise, but smooth-flowing way, and I do not see much more need for improvement. Besides blog entries, other content included on Anna’s blog are tips for traveling, topics related to free-lancing, and other miscellaneous content without a specific topic.


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