Ambitious Kitchen


Ambitious Kitchen is a healthy eating blog. It provides awesome recipes that are wholesome and nutrient dense. Monique makes a lot of traditional dishes and treats updated with other nutritious ingredients. For example, she makes a pizza and uses shredded cauliflower as the main ingredient in the crust. She also shares posts about fitness, travel, and personal products that she uses. Monique also shares about her own wellness struggles and the journey she has been on. Lastly, she talks about the evolution of the blog and her transition from her corporate job to being a full time blogger. Her blog became so successful that she needed to hire someone to keep up with all of the work.



The header on this blog is the row of categories of blog posts. Below is a search bar for the blog so that visitors can find what they need. She embeds the website title: Ambitious Kitchen in a pleasing image that creates individuality for her brand. Below that is a grouping of media icons to provide other ways to connect and keep in touch with the blog. She includes facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram. She then has a picture of herself and a short introduction about who she is. The picture is clickable and linked to her “about me” page. This is also a tab at the top, where she describes her history and the evolution of her blog and the business that transpired out of this work.

Then she begins to show her blog posts. The most recent two blog posts are below all of the introductory information listed above. These blog posts are advertised with large images and font. Each post includes and date and title that also have style with colored font and icons that set highlight the date. The photography is well done and the captions link to other posts. There are many opportunities to click on the post, (almost the whole summary is linked).

Underneath that are the preceding posts, and they are organized and also have a smaller appearance on the homepage. They are laid out side by side, and therefore do not take up the width of the site so they are smaller. They still each have attractive pictures and captions, but no dates or descriptions. The pages of blog posts are linked below so that you are able to look in the archives in the order they have been posted.

At the bottom she gives the reader another opportunity to search her whole website. Below that is her latest video and a links to some sales she is doing, (both a mattress she is advertising, and a program she created and is selling).

She ends the site with another opportunity to submit your email to an email list, and links to her most recent posts. She links to her instagram and runs two more ads, (once again, one personal and one for another company). The bottom of her site is once again, a chance to subscribe to Ambitious Kitchen email posts, and next to that are the four core categories of her blog.

She has tons of links, videos, and places to search and also add ones email to a mailing list. She gives the reader many opportunities to connect with her on other sites.

This blog is aesthetically very well done. It seems as though a professional was hired.


Monique provides high quality content. She gives a lot of recipes that many people enjoy. Her writing is thorough and grammar correct (unless she explicitly does the opposite, acknowledges it, and perhaps makes a joke out of it. She is always taking active polls, asking her readers how she can better serve them, and then adjusts what she’s creating to fit those needs.

All of the content, which includes words, video, and pictures, are created and taken by Monique herself. Her most recent posts have 6 and 7 comments. Her “best brownies I’ve ever eaten post had 48 responses and most of her good dessert recipes have a similar comment turnout; around 50. Each blog post gives multiple opportunities for the reader to share the post.

The titles of her posts are always compelling. Each one of them draws readers in with questions, puns, or bold statements that trigger curiosity.


This is a successful blog. There is very little, if anything to be improved. This woman is a full time blogger, with a staff and she has started many businesses from this one blog. She has 103k instagram followers and 178k likes on her Facebook page, (she started this blog about ten years ago when facebook was a bigger deal than Instagram). The blog quickly became so successful that she was able to quit her full time job. I would call that success. The website is very aesthetically pleasing, and all of the articles are awesome.

Monique does a great job with keeping her blog accessible and constant. She posts consistently, often multiple times per week. Facebook and instagram icons are littered all over her site to make sure her readers are connected on multiple platforms.


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