Walk and Talk

For the last few years of my life, I have seen the immense integration of technology into our day to day lives. Everyday I see people walking on the street while frantically scrolling or typing into their smartphones. Our day to day lives have been immensely changed by our use of technology – most specifically by cell phones.

Our use of cell phones have greatly changed the way we communicate with one another. Long gone are the days of in-person meetings. Often they are replaced by phone calls, virtual meetings and even memos. While these means of communication can be efficient and cut down on travel time for those whom need to travel long distances, it has some major downsides.


So many of us have sedentary desk jobs and this has decreased the amount of exercise that each of us are receiving. In my experience, many of the meetings that I have in the workplace also involve sitting. The days of having a “walk and talk” seem to be of the past. By leaving our “walk and talks” in the past, we are leaving out a whole other form of innovation. I strive to create more “walk and talk” types of meetings with individuals. When we are walking, they are less inclined to reach for the phones. When we are all sitting down at a table, it becomes all too easy for someone to scroll through something on their phone. There are so many different reasons for having a “walk and talk,” but getting up and onto your feet is one of the most important ones for our health.

So the next time you’re sitting at your desk typing an email to a co-worker or a friend, consider taking the time to schedule a “walk and talk” meeting. This type of meeting will allow for you to not only exchange your thoughts, but also take a moment to step away from technology and observe the physical environment around you.



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