Poetry: The Art of Life

Poetry is a lesser known art form. Anyone can write it; anyone can feel it; and anyone can tell their story. That is one perhaps one reason why I enjoy writing poetry. But knowing what is good and what is not is equally challenging for the editors perusing thousands of submissions on a daily or weekly basis.

Poets can specialize in spoken word, micro poetry, long-form, and more. Some poets enjoy maintaining a rhyme and rhythm within each stanza. Others, like myself, enjoy breaking the rules with various forms of poetry to find our own voices, spoken or not, in what is termed as free verse. Poets also vocalize meaningful topics such as looking up by Gary Turk in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7dLU6fk9QY. Or David Bowden speaking about who he is in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw62CpjP0v8. It is not surprising that either of these YouTube videos are critically acclaimed.

Pictured above are recently posted poems on my personal Instagram account @ebm_poetry. They were written for challenges in which I am trying to emphasize strength and vulnerability, respectively. I have learned that one sentence can have a monumental impact on someone else’s life.That is the beauty of writing poetry.

That is the beauty of writing poetry. It gives the writer the power to tell his or her story in a unique way. It can shed light on tough issues, on their personal lives, and on the beauty of nature, among other things. Personally, I am writing a collection of poems inspired by “friluftsliv”: a word with deep cultural meaning that inspires Norwegians to explore their country’s marvelous natural landscapes.

Several websites support the growing online community of poets on Instagram and other platforms. They include literary magazines like Her Heart Poetry and By Me Poetry, both staffed with editors and writers passionate about serving the community and finding incredible talent to feature. It is a platform to speak up, to be heard, and to voice your opinions. It fosters hope, it bridges communities, and it unites us.

It is an art of life.


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