The POSITIVITYBLOG:  Simple Tips and Habits That Work in Real Life ( is a personal development blog written by Henrick Edberg. Henrick is a 37 year old journalism major that immersed himself into the topic of personal development over the course of the past 10 years. He shares how he has personally grown from his own life experiences and experiments with a goal of continuously building a better life. His blog is designed to help individuals live happier, increase their self-esteem and confidence, reduce procrastination and become more productive, reduce stress, simplify their lives and improve relationships and social skills.



The layout of The POSITIVITYBLOG:  Simple Tips and Habits That Work in Real Life is a two-column blog with a header and a footer. It’s visually appealing with color combinations of black, light grey, and blue with a solid white background across the majority of the page and light grey behind key menus.

pb-header-2017-cThe header is straightforward with simple two-tone text with the main portion of the title capitalized. It also includes a tagline and four menu items directing you to “start here”, “premium courses”, “free email updates” and “resources” tabs.

Directly below the header are links to a few premium courses and includes a link to join over 80,000 people and get free email updates.

The body of the blog is split into a smaller right-hand column, and the main column, which features the latest blogs. The right-hand column provides a list of his 21 popular articles including “how i got 1 million monthly readers”.

The main column of the blog highlights the most recent posts with an image that relates to the topic. Each post notes the title, authors name, and a few sentences or bullet points leading you to the “click to continue” link if the reader wanted to. Just below that link,  readers can note the number of comments the post received.

The blog footer is very small and only includes a link to preview previous posts, contact information, search and archives, free email updates and copyright information.


The blog content is very interesting and appeals to anyone that has an interest in personal development. Edberg draws the reader in with inspiring quotes, meaningful images, and titles that capture the readers attention because they strike a nerve and are real life issues like this one:

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser


Edberg is open and raw with his readers and shares his own personal experiences and life challenges and how he overcame them. Based on the number of comments, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of reader engagement on his blog. However, Edberg claims that over 80,000 people are receiving email articles and he has quite the Twitter following with over 9,017 followers and over 33,506 likes on Facebook.

Following are a selection of Edbergs most popular articles that are accessible via his free email:

The 7 Common Habits of Unhappy People
– Do You Make These 10 Mistakes in a Conversation?
– Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World
– 16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School
– Bruce Lee’s Top 7 Fundamentals for Getting Your Life in Shape
– Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life
– How to Build Self Confidence: 6 Essential and Timeless Tips

Most, if not all of Edbergs blog posts and articles capture my attention. I suppose that’s because I’m a huge fan of personal development and consider myself a work in progress just like Edberg. Here’s one that caught my eye:

16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School

I’m still trying to master #’s 6 & 7, but I’ll get there!

Following each blog post or article, Edberg asks you join his email newsletter if you found the article helpful, shares comments and provides space for your comments, and he includes a link to the previous article.

About the Author

Henrik Edberg is a 37 year old journalism major who lives on the west coast of Sweeden, with his wife. Edberg stands by his rule to “implement what he has learned and to learn from his own experiments and experiences with the goal of figuring out how to build a better life.”

Following are a couple of examples of what Edberg has personally accomplished so far:

  • Switched from a generally pretty negative attitude to a much more positive one.
  • I have become a less shy and much more confident person socially and in other situations.
  • Improved my self-esteem greatly.
  • Become a lot more mindful. I used to live a lot of my life in my head, in the past and in the future. Today I spend a lot more time living it in the present moment. It’s a wonderful thing.
  • I have tripled my productivity and effectiveness. I used to be a procrastinating slacker that never got much done. But over the past years that have changed quite a bit.
  • I have simplified my thinking and many of my other daily and weekly routines and habits.
  • Lost 26 pounds during 4 months in the winter/spring of 2009.
  • I have created a highly successful blog and newsletter.
  • I have created five courses.

That’s quite an impressive list!


The POSITIVITYBLOG: Simple Tips and Habits That Work in Real Life drew me in from the moment I stumbled upon it. It’s clean, easy to read, has a good use of space and is well organized. It’s not congested with excessive pictures or graphs and in my opinion, lures you in to want to read more.

The layout is easy to navigate and offers topics with complimentary images. The right column lays out his top articles nicely so the reader an easily select from the list without having to navigate down the page. The option for receiving articles via email is active throughout the blog and that provides a convenience to the reader. However, most people like to utilize social media platforms but I had a challenge locating the links on his blog. After digging for a bit, I eventually found them at the bottom of his contact page. It would be easier if those were placed at the top of the page or below his picture.

Overall, the blog is informative, inspiring and pleasing to the eye. While Edberg offers a lot of advice and shares his personal experiences, he in no way claims to be a professional therapist and strongly encourages his readers to seek professional help should they have a serious personal crisis, thoughts of depression, severe anxiety or suicidal thoughts.



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