For the American Man by the American Man


The Clem Report ( is an entertainment blog written by Justin Clemenza. This blog was first started in January of 2013 and unfortunately has had its last post on November of 2015. It has not seen any new articles recently not because Justin has chosen to stop blogging, but because he has become a full time blogger for Barstool Sports and I assume does not have time for both. The purpose of this blog is to talk about sports, pop culture, and random internet news. Justin writes this blog for the American man because he says “That’s what I am, and that’s who I care about”.




The main layout of The Clem Report is a two column blog with a gray and black background. The background colors are very subtle and definitely make the pictures and the color of the title of each blog stand out much more. The left column is the smaller of the two, and its main purpose is to give the reader an easy way to navigate around the blog. It consists of a link to follow him on twitter as well as a categories drop down bar which lets you sort the content by categories that it is tagged in. The left column also contains a recent articles part, which lists about 6 links that give a brief description and will take you right to recent articles. Finally the left column has links that break down each month’s worth of blog posts.

The right column (the bigger of the two) is the feed of all the blogs. It is in chronological order with the newest blogs on top. The header for each new blog post is in red. This makes each title stand out, and makes it very easy for the reader to see where each new blog starts. The blog is in WordPress so it is very similar to our class blog. After each title there is usually some sort of visual that goes with the topic along with his actual writing. This blog also talks about music very often, so there are many times links and videos to provide the viewer access to the music he is talking about. Finally the footer of these blogs are very simple. They all say to follow @TheClemReport which is the Twitter handle for this blog. Also there is a share this section with buttons that easily allow viewers to share this blog on Facebook, Twitter, email, WordPress, Reddit, or to print this blog out.



The content of the blog as I stated before is very orientated to be aimed at male readers. He writes a lot about sports, food, music, and funny videos he finds on the internet. All of his posts contain some kind of picture or visual that adds to the blog. They are usually funny and play off of the topic; however they are rarely ever taken by the blogger but from the internet. Videos are also used a lot, mainly for the music blogs so one can hear what song he is describing. His titles are usually witty and catchy, trying to catch the reader’s attention with a joke.


There is no about the author section, but at the top of the page there are also tabs that allow the viewer to access different types of content on this blog. The first tab is home which takes you to the page I just described with all his written blogs. The second tab is called “15 Second Food Reviews” and this will bring you to another part of the site where he has short videos of him reviewing different snack and foods. The third tab is called podcast where he viewers can listen to him talk about topics that matter to him. Sort of like a blog that is spoken not written. Finally, the last blog takes viewers to a site where they can contact him and leave suggestions that they have for the blog.

For audience interaction this blog asks the fans to vote a lot. For example one blog asks his audience if they like the song “Ignition Remix” better than the song “YEAH!”. He had his fans vote and he then tallied the results to see what his viewer’s opinions were. As I said before this blog has a lot of social media sharing buttons, and he doesn’t ask people to subscribe to the blog but he asks to follow the blog on Twitter.


The blog does a good job at using catchy titles to portray interesting topics to its target audience. Of course this blog is no longer around, but at the time it did a great job at using current events and news. This blog related to the typical man very well and for that reason Justin Clemenza is now working for Barstool Sports (Probably the most looked at and influential blog right now). However, I would change the colors. Even though the content of the blog is very good, the appearance is very drab and could be a lot more appealing.



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